Make the most of your small kitchen: 5 simple steps

If you have hundreds of great ideas for your kitchen but no space to execute them, you may be feeling defeated – but don’t hang up your apron just yet. We’ve put together a recipe for transforming your little kitchen into a beautiful, well-designed masterpiece in just 5 simple steps. 


Step 1: Imagine your dream kitchen

The first step to realising your dream kitchen is imagining it – this is where all those Pinterest boards, magazine snippets and daydreaming sessions will come in handy. Whether you’re after a theme of bamboo bliss, clean and white minimalism or luxurious stony appeal, develop your concept thoroughly and have a clear mental picture of what you are setting out to achieve.

Step 2: Throw everything out

Okay, maybe not everything. But in order to get your little kitchen into order, you will need to relocate all items that you’ve collected over the years that are unused, unnecessary or downright unattractive to the bin. Anything that isn’t in flavour with your vision has no place in your new kitchen.

Step 3: Sweat the big stuff

Figure out what’s actually important to you before you start buying and building to ensure the kitchen you end up with is your culinary dream and not someone else’s. For example, if you like whipping up extravagant dinners for a host of guests, you’ll want ample preparation room and a huge fridge-freezer to store all those fresh ingredients. Of course, plenty of cabinet space to hold multiple pots and pans and enough cutlery and silverware for a banquet are a must. And you’ll want a state-of-the art hob and oven. Oh, and a top-of-the-range dishwasher to keep washing up to a minimum. You see how quickly this can get out of hand? Before you know it, you’ll be right back where you started with an overloaded, cramped little kitchen. So sort out your priorities.

Step 4: Think outside the box

With the bigger elements of your kitchen considered, it’s time to think about the little things which can actually make the biggest difference. Think pull-out chopping boards that magically expand your bench top space. Think a pull-out pantry to improve accessibility to food (very important, we’re sure you’ll agree). Think clever shelving installations that double your storage space.

Step 5: Start showing off

With a small kitchen, you will likely need to store some items on display. Don’t see this as an annoyance but rather an opportunity to decorate your kitchen in line with your vision. Make sure any bright, plastic lunch boxes and kitsch kitchen items are safely behind cupboard doors and bring forth the china plates, champagne glasses and designer knives – to add some charm and character, a kooky cook book or clear jar filled with tricolore pasta can do wonders.

Follow these steps and you’ll have a refined kitchen area that blends beautifully and is fully personalised to your needs. Who ever said you have to dream big? When it comes to kitchens, you can be just as creative dreaming small. 

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