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10 bathroom ideas to maximise your space

Whether you have a small bathroom or one which is in dire need of better organisation, at smarterBATHROOMS+ we know that there is one thing that everyone can appreciate: more space. While many of the clients we meet with want to completely renovate the bathroom by knocking down walls to increase their square meterage, there are actually quite a few things which homeowners can replace and update to give the impression of more space while increasing the functionality of their bathroom.

Here is our list of 10 things you can do to maximise your space, and it all starts with one of our favourites:

1. Install a wall-mounted basin and/or vanity

Smarter_AlbertParksmarterBATHROOMS+: Albert Park home

A wall-mounted basin provides homeowners with much needed additional floor space. We often install open storage shelves beneath wall-mounted basins that homeowners then fill with towels, baskets and other decorative items, leading us to our next tip:

2. Choose open storage options

Smarter_StKildaWestsmarterBATHROOMS+: St Kilda West home

Rather than use cabinetry with doors that need to swing out, maximize space by choosing open storage shelving. This type of storage will also free up valuable cupboard space in other areas of the home.

3. Get rid of the clutter

Instantly add more space by getting rid of unnecessary clutter on the floor. This means placing hampers, scales and larger wastebaskets in other rooms.

4. Change the way your door swings

Simple and yet rarely considered, changing the way your door swings can add valuable space to your bathroom. If your bathroom door currently swings into the bathroom, flip it around so that it swings outwards. Better yet, talk to us about installing a pocket door. These doors glide quietly into the wall and take up no additional space in your home.

5. Swap in adjustable lighting

Smarter Bathrooms - Elwood HomesmarterBATHROOMS+: Elwood home

Adjustable lighting allows you to turn your bathroom into a multifunctional space where you can use brighter lighting to get ready for work in the morning while also being able to dim the lights and enjoy a languid soak in the tub in the evening.

6. Make use of recessed shelving & accessories

Smarter Bathrooms: Vautier Street Elwood HomesmarterBATHROOMS+: Vautier Street Elwood home

Recessed accessories are not only on trend, they are incredibly useful. Having recessed niches in the shower, above the vanity and around the toilet area creates visual interest while eliminating the need for having objects protrude out into your valuable floor space.

7. Choose clear glass over shower curtains

Smarter Bathrooms: Port Melbourne HomesmarterBATHROOMS+: Port Melbourne home

Shower curtains are way out of date, and while they may not take up a lot of actual space, they visually separate your bathroom and give the impression of it being far smaller than it is. Replace it with a glass enclosure to create a subtle divide which is barely noticeable at first glance. Take it one step further and install a frameless shower screen.

8. Focus on your vertical space

Smarter Bathrooms: Elwood HomesmarterBATHROOMS+: Elwood home

Many of our clients focus on the floor space while leaving a lot of potential valuable vertical space vastly underused. We look at all potential areas where additional storage and shelving can be added, such as:

• Above the door
• Corner shelving units
• Tall and thin shelving units

9. Pick mirrors over medicine cabinets

While useful, the traditional bathroom medicine cabinet is bulky and intrusive. We often recommend that homeowners replace it with a vanity mirror or recessed mirrored shaving cabinet. The mirror is not only functional, but it will reflect light which will visually add space to the room.

10. Update your fixtures

Smarter Bathrooms: Fitzroy North HomesmarterBATHROOMS+: Fitzroy North home

Renovating the bathroom to include smaller modern fixtures will increase the storage capacity of the room while creating a more luxurious and relaxing space.

Don’t let what should be your cosy, intimate sanctuary become overburdened and spatially challenged. Contact us at Smarter Bathrooms on 1300 662 838 to explore all of the different ways you can maximise your space today.

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