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10 Big Ideas To Give Your Kitchen The Wow Factor

Designing a new kitchen is a major decision, so it makes sense you’d want it to wow visitors and motivate yourself to cook up a storm. But a kitchen looks much better when even the smallest elements are chosen carefully – right down to the bin system.

Here are some of the latest ideas and trends to add inspiration to your dream kitchen design.

1. The Layout

Knowing how you’ll use your kitchen makes a huge difference in its layout and the space – especially if, like many these days, you plan to entertain guests in your kitchen. Use a floor plan to indicate to your kitchen designer what you want where, and how high, wide and deep. If you get the zoning right, everything should fall into place and connect together.

2. Clean Lines

For a streamlined space with real impact, choose units designed to maintain a clean, clutter-free kitchen. Line up the drawers and doors, and conceal appliances, bins and shelving so that every item is hidden.

clean lines for kitchen

Play on the negative and positive spaces by layering the space. For example, having cantilevered benchtops or floating cabinets, and different depth cabinets along the same run.

3. Add A Touch Of History

For extra wow factor, make the space unique to your home and everyone living in it. For example, you can bring in items from your younger days… have your mum’s memory-filled 1960’s hutch…. or grandad’s handmade cupboard can be built into the design. What great ideas to reinvent your childhood, create a talking point, and bring a sense of fun into the kitchen!

4. Fine Details

Remember the finer details. The type of door handles, light switches, taps, the smoothness of the drawers as they close, the gloss on the flooring and even the shape of the bin.

Smarter Kitchens Fine Details

Recessed door handles or pulls are great to accentuate any look, whether modern or classic. Everything you select needs to be chosen strategically so they all fit into your design.

5. The Lighting Plan

Lighting is important when planning how your kitchen will function. Early discussions ensure that your kitchen is finished in the right order, including wiring, so you can get cooking sooner!


The best lighting plan includes background lighting, mood lighting and task lighting. Be creative – add LED strips to splashbacks and cabinets. If your kitchen is dark and dreary during the day, consider adding a skylight.

6. Accessories & Mechanisms

Accessories can make or break a kitchen, so choose carefully. Select accessories and mechanisms that make you the kitchen hero.


Ask about SERVO-DRIVE, which offers handle-less drawers driven by an electrical drive that automatically opens drawers and doors with just a light touch.

7. Focus on the Colours

A smart light-and-dark scheme adds a lot of contrast and plenty of drama in a kitchen. Dark unit doors with a matte finish instead of high gloss would work well with white solid-surface designer edge worktops.


Coloured splashbacks are also popular, and so are coloured internal trays and racks that will surprise guests when they open cabinets.

8. Patterns and textures

Pull together different surfaces such as exposed bricks, brushed steel, wooden worktops, stainless steel shelving and textured glass. For a tile splashback, create a subtle difference by laying the tiles in a herringbone pattern. Natural finishes such as marble and timber veneers can go well with flat painted, laminate or luxe finishes.


9. Pack a Punch with Coloured Appliances

Go bold with appliances for a point of difference and combine colours for extra harmony.

smarter kitchen appliances

White, black, red and yellow appliances are perfect together, but remember the colour of the backdrop so your appliances jump out against the background. Visit your local department store or IKEA for some quirky, unusual ideas.

10. A Social Hub Full of Happiness

Smarter Kitchens social hub

Kitchens are the heart of many homes, not just a place to prepare meals. It’s where you throw a dinner party or teach grandkids to decorate cookies. So with those happy events in mind, design a kitchen appropriately so that it will become the social you want it to be.

Are you planning to build a kitchen that inspires creativity and happy times? The friendly and professional Smarter Kitchens team is on hand to talk to you. We invite you to visit out showroom at 77 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne or call us today on +03 8681 5603 to arrange an appointment.

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