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10 Tips to Renovate a Small Bathroom on a Small Budget

When it comes to renovating a home, bathrooms are often an afterthought.  It is assumed that they are extraordinarily expensive to revive and with the added pressure of having a tiny space to work makes bathroom renovation an arduous challenge for most.

Considering that it is one of the most frequently used rooms in the home, Smarter Bathrooms has devised 10 tips to achieve a functional and aesthetically pleasing space, to suit every size and budget.

  1. Use shower curtains.  Increase the space available in your bathroom with a high-end shower curtain, which is also a cost-effective solution in comparison to glass doors.  Shower curtains take up far less room than retractable doors, and can be easily replaced.
  2. Invest in a corner sink.  A sink on a pedestal can disrupt the flow of the bathroom, creating awkward walk-around traffic.  A corner sink takes up less space and fits neatly within most confined spaces.
  3. Install a floating vanity.  A vanity that connects only to the wall makes a bathroom instantly appear larger and creates the option for storage underneath.
  4. Select finishes with round edges.  While sleek, sharped-edge fixtures can appear dramatic and imposing in small spaces.  A soft rounded edge cultivates continuity in design, and from a safety perspective, eliminates hazardous corners.
  5. Utilise the cistern space.  Many do not consider the top of the cistern (toilet system) as an additional storage space.  There’s an opportunity to create an instant shelf, by extending the counter above the toilet with a piece of wood or stone.   
  6. Mount towels on the door.  Fix the towel bar on the back of the door for a hygienic and space saving storage solution.
  7. Employ large-scale patterns.  Select tiles that have large-scale images such as a wide stripe which trick the eye into seeing an expanded space.
  8. Mirrors, mirrors, mirrors.  Even in the tightest of spaces, mirrors have a magical effect in making them appear bigger.  Choose large floor to ceiling mirrors in various shapes to create contrast and reflect light.
  9. Select a trough sink.  In addition to being a stylish choice, trough sinks serve a functional purpose as they have a low profile and are deceptively narrow, especially when mounted on the wall, freeing up floor space.
  10. Toss the excess.  Bathrooms can become a haven for hoarding.  Remove any excess products that are not used daily and store bulk supplies including toilet paper in the cupboard.  A good rule of thumb is: if it doesn’t need to be within arm’s reach, ditch it.


Are you renovating a small bathroom?  Smarter Bathrooms’ renovation solutions come in every size.  Speak with a Smarter Bathrooms designer today on (03) 8609 6011.

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