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5 big ideas for small bathrooms

Are you battling a tiny bathroom and thinking it might be impossible to renovate? Think again! There are so many ways from floating furniture to expert lighting that can transform a compact bathroom into a practical yet aesthetically beautiful space in your home.

Your bathroom is an important part of your daily routine so it’s only fitting that you maximise on it’s potential. With our expert bathroom design tips and a little creativity, we can make all your bathroom renovation dreams come true.

Make some magic with a mirror

The addition of mirrors to any bathroom can instantly transform a space – Mirrors have the ability to add a level of depth and can make a room feel larger in size. There is also the added functionality, when space can be created behind your mirror for storage.

Don’t be afraid to get creative with your choice of mirror, try to select a large mirror or experiment with a variety of shapes.

Large-format tiles are key

Choosing finishes that have ‘expanding’ properties to eliminate any visual clutter and create the illusion of extra space but will allow your bathroom to stand out from the rest.

Large-format tiles are instrumental in creating this illusion. Great options are a soft subtle concrete-look finish, as the mottled pattern will disguise day-to-day dust and dirt, eliminating the need for excessive cleaning. And by selecting a matching grout colour, the floor will look like one continuous streamlined piece. With less grouting and lines to break up the visuals, the bathroom will appear broader and seem to have a higher ceiling and the minimal cleaning is just a bonus.

Maximise your lighting

In a small space there are different lighting options that can help create the perception of space while also brightening the room. You could try incorporating flush-mounted LED task ceiling lights, recessed lighting within your cabinetry or enhance mood lighting with decorative pendants. These are some of the most innovative techniques you can implement in your small bathroom to maximise light.

Don’t forget about natural light too – Whilst windows are often naturally incorporated into bathrooms there are other ways to introduce more natural lighting even if it’s only minor such as a skylight. When redesigning your space try to incorporate natural, soft colours as natural light will then bounce around a room, to enhance the illusion of space.

Let your furniture float

Floating furniture such as vanities and toilets connected only to the wall are a great invention. They offer a diversity of design opportunities which give your bathroom a minimalist and luxurious look. However, the biggest benefit of all has to be the ability to make a bathroom feel instantly bigger and uncluttered, as well as making the space super easy to clean — it’s a win-win.

Our designers pick: Pair your floating vanity with a fully formed bench top with integrated basin. Not only is it clean and streamlined, but it also makes for a beautiful design detail in a small bathroom space.


Your bathroom renovation is a good opportunity to get rid of excess products you’ve collected over the years. For any items you don’t use regularly these should go in alternate storage so it’s not taking up any valuable space in your small bathroom.

Our expert design team can explore all your renovation options and help you transform your small bathroom. Get in touch with us on 1300 662 838 or book in your FREE in-home consultation today.

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