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Don’t ignore the signs telling you it’s time to renovate

Did you spend your Christmas entertaining and realise it was almost impossible to prepare a meal in your kitchen? Or maybe you couldn’t bear to have guests over at all? It is a big decision to renovate the heart of your home, and to know when the timing is right to take the plunge. So here are the 4 tell-tale signs you can’t ignore telling you it’s time to renovate your kitchen in 2020.

The layout doesn’t your lifestyle

Your kitchen layout not only needs to be functional as well as being able to serve the needs of your lifestyle. A poor layout will impact the flow of your kitchen, only adding to the amount of time spent in the space, which these days, no one has time for. As we enter 2020 it’s important to think outside the kitchen triangle and make sure you accommodate 5 kitchen zones, according to the 5 key tasks performed within your kitchen – being consumables, prep, cooking, non-consumables and cleaning. Ensuring that you can not only move around the kitchen with ease, but also allowing multiple people to function in the kitchen effectively.

Now think about your lifestyle – do you love to cook but are struggling to release your inner chef in your tiny, cramped kitchen or perhaps you love to entertain however your kitchen is separated from the rest of your home and you feel isolated from your guests. If your current design is significantly affecting your lifestyle and you are intending to sell your home in the future, this could be a very good reason to renovate as chances are, the poor layout will affect not only your sanity now, but potential buyers in the future.

Outdated appliances are costing you time and money

Older appliances can really run up that electricity bill fast which is going to be costing you more than it needs to in the long run. Not only are older appliances more expensive to run, they take longer to cook your meals, are harder to clean and often don’t work as well as they used too. 

If you’re thinking that your current appliances could be draining your budget, take a look at your previous bills to determine how much you’re paying to run them each month. It’s a well worthy investment to upgrade your appliances with a few extra smart features that can go a long way to creating a more environmentally sustainable home that will be cheaper and more efficient to run.

Your kitchen is screaming old and tired

You may have pinned and posted pictures of your favourite styles, colour palettes, tiles, fixtures and fittings and come to realise the current style of your kitchen is not even close. And more importantly is the list of issues in your kitchen constantly growing? If your kitchen has leaky taps, loose fixtures or cracked tiles, it sounds like it’s screaming old and tired, and likely difficult to clean too.

If considering selling the house in the future, keeping up with the latest styles could prove to be important. White, grey and black palettes will always be timeless choices and you will never have to worry about being short of inspiration. And remember, the longer you leave any issues in your kitchen, the more damage you risk to the space, and the more it will cost you in the future.

You hate the space so much you don’t even want to use it

If your kitchen is falling apart with and making you despise the space so much you don’t even want to go near it, then that is the biggest sign of them all that you should be renovating. A functional, useable and stylish kitchen will make it so much easier to work in and change the way you and family live, for the better. Think about next year’s Easter, birthday’s or Christmas and what a world of difference it would make to be able to work and entertain in a brand-new beautiful kitchen at the heart of your home?

If your kitchen is telling you it’s time to renovate, book in your FREE in-home consult for 2020 with one of our award-winning designers to kickstart your renovation goals.

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