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The only questions you need to ask during your reno

You will be faced with what feels like a never ending stream of decisions when you commence your home renovation journey. And if you aren’t the most decisive type this alone can scare you off renovating altogether. But don’t stress, we have collated the all-important questions you need to ask along the way to ensure your renovation process is a breeze.

Whether you’re about to start the journey to creating your dream bathroom, kitchen and/or laundry here are the top questions you need to be asking.

Will the materials stand the test of time? 

When it comes to selecting your fixtures, fittings and furniture durability should be front of mind. With your budget being a key factor in your decision making you want to make sure you’re getting as many years as possible out of your finishes to match the price tag.

Questions to ask: Will my benchtop stain after nights of entertaining around the kitchen? Will that splashback be easy to clean? Will my flooring out last the kids dirty gumboots and scooters through the house? Will my black tap ware still be black long after the warranty expires?

Our advice: An engineered stone for your bathroom or kitchen benchtop is always a great option as they are extremely durable, have about a 10-15 year guarantee and are non-porous. An engineered stone can also make a seamless kitchen splash back or selecting a larger tile with fewer grout lines to ensure easy cleaning. Make sure your bathroom floor tiles are non-slip this means NO gloss finish tiles on the floor, porcelain floor tiles are always the way to go. And for flooring in the kitchen – ask yourself how easy is this to clean? If you are going for a beautiful engineered timber floor board keep in mind that the darker the colour the more visible scratches and dents will be.

Is this an energy efficient design?

While a good starting point is to check the energy rating of your appliances, our advice would be to go beyond that and consider a more sustainable design from the get go.

Questions to ask: what’s the energy rating? Is there a more energy efficient option?

Our advice: installing skylights in your home are a great energy efficient option compared to that of lights to allow natural light into your home during the day and eliminating the need for artificial light. Strong insultation will also keep heat out in summer and cool air at bay in winter meaning you will be less reliant on heating/cooling devices. Same goes for double glazed windows, and if you can include a tint on the window then even better.

Do I have enough power points?

It might only sound like a menial decision in the scheme of things, however you don’t want to make the mistake of not installing enough power points and having extension cords running throughout your newly renovated home.

Questions to ask: what hand held appliances will I need to use? Think hair driers, electric tooth brushes, hair styling tools and electric shavers in the bathroom, and small appliances such as coffee machines, blenders, food processors, microwaves in the kitchen. Where will we charge our devices? Do we need to include USB outlets?

Our advice:  The key to this decision is to consider the actual position of the power points and how the space is going to be used. For example, is your kitchen used as a study too? Then you might want a switch under the benchtop so you can charge up your laptop or phone while working. How many people will be using the bathroom at a time? Do you have enough distance between the power points so that everyone can get ready without being on top of each other?

Does your new design factor in your lifestyle? 

Planning a renovation taking into account your lifestyle will be another big deciding factor for your finishes, furniture and any particular design features.

Questions to ask: Who will be using this space? How will we be using this space? How will we work around each other or together in this space?

Our advice: Consider how the space will be used now and cast your mind to the future as your needs will change as your family changes. If you love to entertain then perhaps a large island, a butler’s pantry or an integrated dining/kitchen area would be a must. Or do you have young kids? Then perhaps a bath in the bathroom would be required.

Is this going to be comfortable? 

Comfort is key to a well-designed space. It’s easy to get caught up in the aesthetics especially in the inspiration phase and then when it comes to actually using it, realising that it just doesn’t work.

Questions to ask: What will I be using daily? What height benchtop is most comfortable for me? Will I be able to reach that over head cupboard?

Our advice: Things like your bath, vanity height, benchtop height and how much room there is in walk ways particularly where you open drawers and doors is where you will need to consider both the functionality and visual effect of your design layout.


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