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The secret is out — the key to a painless renovation

While renovating your home can be fun and exciting, it can also be challenging at times — from blown out budgets to the stress of organising multiple tradies. Save yourself the trouble and engage a professional. An interior designer can help, saving you money, time, energy and a LOT of stress. They can ensure you get the renovation of your dream right, the first time. An interior designer can help you…

Save time

Life can be hectic. It’s a juggling act between the demands of work and spending quality time with family and friends while maintaining an active social life. If you identify as someone who is time poor, it’s unlikely you’ll be able to review plans, consider all the finer details and visualise how your future bathroom design will fit into your daily life. This doesn’t include the tireless hours you’ll need to spend selecting the right fixtures, finishes, colours and textures, sourcing furniture and managing the entire project.

Make a decision

Interior design is everywhere! We are filled with an abundance of inspiration from television shows and social media like Instagram and Pinterest, magazines and your local café – the list goes on. While you’ll never be short of ideas, the variety of choices available can result in total design overload and leave you constantly deliberating between different styles, colours, and materials.

Leave it to the experts to help you get back to basics and streamline your vision. It’s easy to get caught up in focusing on what you like and what you want your home to be and not necessarily what will work for your house and family. Working with your interior designer to refine your vision will save you a lot of frustration and make the decision-making process more efficient.

Commit to decisions

Are you attracted to interesting, bold designs and are constantly inspired by what you see online and in everyday interiors but struggle to commit to any one colour scheme or design piece? This is where an interior designer can help.

An interior designer will work with you to understand your tastes and your lifestyle and how these tie in with your home’s specific requirements. They will then propose a design that is both practical and stylish whilst pushing you a little (or a lot) out of your comfort zone. Once you’re happy with the concept, your designer can refine the design to ensure your unique requirements are met in every possible way while you kick back and enjoy the process.


If you don’t have the intention to sell your house in the near future and your home is purely for you and your family to grow, your unique needs and wants will have to be catered for. However, the difficulty lies in letting go of what will work for resale value and marketability, and instead focusing on what will work for you and your family.

An interior designer will give you a unique perspective on you, your home and your lifestyle. They’ll make their recommendations based on a long-term vision, often going against one-off trends and focusing instead on a timeless design that embodies your personality and needs.

Negotiate with your partner

It can be extremely common for couples to have conflicting tastes and priorities when it comes to style and design. This can lead to a great deal of tension and ultimately has the potential to slow down the renovation process. If you and your partner are struggling to make any decisions because of clashing tastes, you need an interior designer to step in.

An interior designer can act as a mediator when it comes to house-related designs and will listen to both parties to ensure each person’s individual tastes and personality are incorporated into the design so everyone is happy at the end of the day.

If all signs are pointing you towards an interior designer, contact our award-winning interior design team TODAY. Book in your FREE In-Home consultation and let our designers collaborate with you on your home renovation.

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