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Why you need to visit a showroom before you start your renovation

Immersing yourself in a showroom experience is the perfect place to start on your home renovation journey. You’ll be inspired with new ideas and the ability to discover a wide range of smart and stylish solutions in one location – whether that be in person or from the comfort of your home via a virtual showroom tour.

We have explored the top 5 benefits to visiting a showroom before finalising your renovation.

Be inspired

When looking for inspiration for your next reno project, don’t be limited to just online platforms such as Pinterest and Instagram. It’s important to gain spatial understanding of a space and how elements can be applied to suite your needs.

Exploring a multitude of styles, layouts, materials, finishes and colours in one location with your family members who will be using the newly renovated space is a great way to understand what your loved ones do and don’t like as its not always easy to put this into words. The smarterBATHROOMS+ showroom has been designed with the client experience front of mind. Showcase the a variety of designs, fixtures and finishes so that you can discover new ideas and designs that you may never have otherwise thought of.

Understand the zones of bathroom and kitchen design

Things have changed since the 1950s, when the ‘work triangle’ was the prevailing solution to kitchen layouts. Now, kitchens are designed with multiple zones. A storage zone, consumable zone, preparation zone, cooking zone and a cleaning zone. An authentic workflow of the cooking process is taken into account in this kitchen design process and it’s an easy concept to grasp if you can see it for yourself. Even more so if you have an interior designer walking you through the showroom to guide you through design concepts.

In the bathroom, separate wet and dry zones are crucial to ensure your bathroom is a safe and comfortable zone. Important considerations such as the position of the towel rail will keep the bathroom safe from excess water dripped throughout the space. Our sB+ displays are set up in this way, so you can get a feel for how these zones could look and work within different layouts.

Get a feel for the different products and finishes

Do you know the difference between the different benchtop options? Or the wide range of cabinetry finishes available? And what about the endless smart storage solutions and different drawer runners and hinges available? There’s a lot of information to cover when it comes to renovating your bathroom and/or kitchen, information that can be found in a showroom, with an abundance of product brochures and knowledgeable staff available in the one location. The best way to get an appreciation for the best materials and finishes to suit your renovation is to physically touch and feel the products, we understand this cant always be possible. But that doesn’t mean you can’t familiarise yourself with products and finishes through a virtual experience.

An expert team available to discuss your needs

The best thing about visiting a showroom is having a wealth of knowledge and experience from a designer who has done it all before to answer your renovation questions. Discussing your project with a designer is a great way to start your project, to voice any concerns or pain points you maybe experiencing in the planning process. As well as gaining sound information on budgeting and timeframes for your project.

Check out the quality of potential renovators

We are very proud of the finishes in our custom-designed bathrooms and kitchens in our Port Melbourne showroom. If you’re looking to compare the quality of our work with others in the market, make an appointment to see it for yourself or explore it virtually.

To make an appointment to visit our showroom call 1300 662 838 or start your virtual showroom experience here.


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