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2021 Top Bathroom and Kitchen Design Trends 

If 2020 has taught us anything, it’s the importance of deriving a sense of enjoyment and pleasure from the spaces we live in. With our hard-working kitchens stepping up as improvised offices and our bathrooms becoming our personal spas, we’ve had a lot of time to think about what we really want and need from our interiors.    

Now that 2021 is here, the timing could not be better to start your long-awaited renovation and make your dream bathroom and kitchen a reality. If bathrooms and kitchens inspiration is what you need, we’ve got you covered. We sat down with our award-winning Interior Designers and rounded up the biggest bathroom and kitchen trends in 2021. Enjoy! 

A Return to Nature   

While sleek minimalism dominated the best part of the last decade, in 2021, we’re seeing a significant shift toward more relaxed spaces that feel softer, less clinical, and more homely. Echoing feelings of comfort and tranquility, these interiors are highly tactile, with organic forms and materials as their indisputable protagonists.    

Expect to see soothing curves and arches in 2021 bathroom and kitchen interior, from benchtop edges and islands, to shower panels and mirrors.   

In line with the trend of organic shapes, we will see natural materials take the spotlight. From soft matte marbles and routed cabinetry to natural timbers, and rattan finishes natural materials will be featured throughout interior spaces. Bringing the outdoors in also plays on this idea of returning to nature. Sweeping open spaces to connect interior spaces with outdoor entertaining areas, as well as including an abundance of interior plants, will continue to be important inclusions throughout 2021.  

While a more natural feel is trending, that doesn’t mean 2021 bathrooms and kitchens will be devoid of the high-tech inclusions we love and enjoy every day. Integrated appliances, touch-less taps, hidden storage and streamlined cabinetry with handleless design are here to stay.   

Butler’s Pantries and Mudrooms   

Once regarded as mundane and unexciting, pantries and mudrooms are the epitomai of luxury in 2021. When square meterage allows, consider including one in your renovation as they can be real life-changers. A well-considered utility room can transform your daily life by decluttering your home and streamlining repetitive, unescapable domestic chores.  

Utility rooms can also bring underutilised zones to life, adding value to your home. Butler’s pantries and mudrooms don’t have to come with all the bells and whistles, intelligent design coupled with clever storage are what make these mighty little rooms so powerful!  

From Soothing Hues to Vibrant Primaries   

Colour is a very personal decision as not all hues elicit the same sensations in every individual. When choosing a colour scheme, it pays to reflect on what colours mean to you and what you want to achieve in a space.    

Saying that, keeping up to date with the latest colour trends can broaden your horizons and might help you discover what rings true to you. In 2021, we’re seeing a shift from the bright, all-white interiors that were so popular in the past years to a more subdued approach that still feels calm and inviting.   

A warmer palette is in order, with browns from beige to chocolate utilised as neutrals. Think earthy tones with accents of green, deep blue, and cadmium yellow. We are also seeing black and white spaces peppered with primary colours that punctuate the scene and add visual interest.  

Playful Eclecticism    

If you’re the creative type who loves experimenting, then this trend will speak right to you. Think endless fun mixing and matching different tapware finishes, colours and materials until hitting the right combination. This trend is personal, sophisticated, modern and full of character.  

Adding an extra oomph to bathrooms of all sizes will be coloured basins, with soft hues like powder pink and mint green dominating the scene. A statement floor tile is very much in fashion as well, with hundreds of gorgeous tile patterns and colours to choose from. This trend is all about being creative, and the main rule is to embrace the unexpected.  

After a gloomy 2020, it’s fair to say we could all use a bit of extra cheer in our lives. Interiors are no exception, with brighter finishes becoming a big hit in 2021. On its quest for a warm and inviting feel, the general trend is steering away from the solemnity of matte, darker colours in favour of a more gleeful, brighter look. Including alternative handle and tapware finishes throughout bathroom and kitchen spaces such as brushed nickel, gold or white is a subtle way to play on this style. Or if you love a bright finish, an eye-catching mirror and even a luxurious splashback might be just for you.  

No matter which trend you’ll be embracing in your 2021 renovation, our design team is here to guide you through all the exciting options. Get in touch with us on 1300662838 or book in your FREE in-home consultation today. 

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