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The smarterBATHROOMS+ Experience

At smarterBATHROOMS+, we understand that embarking on a renovation project can be an exciting yet daunting experience. That’s why our experienced team is here to guide you every step of the way, ensuring that the process is as simple and smooth as possible.

From the initial design phase to the final implementation, we collaborate closely with you to understand your vision and deliver the results you desire. Our team of experts brings their extensive knowledge and expertise to the table, offering valuable insights and creative solutions to enhance your space.

So sit back, relax, and trust that with smarterBATHROOMS+, you are in capable hands. Let us take care of the details and bring your vision to life. We are committed to delivering a renovation experience that is seamless, enjoyable, and leaves you with the space of your dreams.

Bathroom and kitchen renovation process

Our process is finely tuned so you can trust that your renovation will result in a stunning new look for your home.

1. Get inspired

Check out online resources on bathrooms & kitchens for inspiration, ideas, and the latest trends. Our case studies are a great place to start and lots of before and after renovations.

Download our comprehensive Bathroom and Kitchen insights and advice guides by clicking here.

2. Consultation + setting a realistic budget

One of our award-winning interior designers will visit you at home to discuss your renovation ideas, recommend some design and build solutions, and provide an on-the-spot estimation. They will help you set a safe and realistic budget to ensure you don’t overstretch your finances or fall short of your expectations. Book your free in-home consultation by clicking here.

Or you can book an ‘exclusive Showroom consultation’, where you can bring in your plans, and your drawings, and our design team will help your vision come to life by clicking here.

3. Design presentation

We invite you into one of our showrooms to see your ideas come to life with a presentation of your renovation with state of the art 3D renders including materials, fixtures, fittings and finishes.

4. Building inspection + quotation

Your dedicated project manager and building inspector will conduct a comprehensive building inspection to ensure an accurate quote and time frame – rest easy, there’ll be no nasty surprises.

5. Product + finishes selection

Guided by your personal taste, your interior designer and detailer will recommend products, fixtures and finishes, advising you on the best combinations and latest trends. We’ll also set a start date and plan a schedule for completion.

6. Your renovation begins

We’ll carefully prepare your home for renovation, arrange delivery of fixtures and fittings and promptly commence renovations. Each week we’ll give you a detailed schedule of exactly who’s turning up when (and we stick to it!).

7. Celebrate in your beautiful new space

Once complete, your project manager inspects your project against our comprehensive checklist to ensure it meets your satisfaction. You will receive a 10 year guarantee on the structural work and waterproofing, and a maintenance team available at all times  — you can now enjoy your beautifully rejuvenated home with confidence!

Book a Free In-Home Consultation

Book a Free In-Home Consultation

Professionally designed, built and project managed renovations

Why renovate both?

Many of our clients now renovate their bathrooms, kitchens, laundries and powder rooms at the same time, which has many advantages.


Renovation projects can seem daunting and inconvenient. It’s easier to move out for a few weeks and then return to your newly renovated home. You visit one showroom to choose all your fixtures and design all your cabinetry, saving you a lot of time.


There are of course economies of scale when the bathroom and kitchen remodel is rolled into one. You save on insurance, permits, bins, time for trades, house protection, cleaning, and so much more. It can be considerably easier to see your bank once, and organise the finance to do the bathroom and kitchen at the same time.

One theme

A common design theme can be woven through your bathrooms and kitchens when completed at the same time. Your cabinetry, fixtures and fittings are the same throughout each room. This creates consistency, and will also add value to your home. You have peace of mind knowing your interior designer, detailer and project manager have experience working together on numerous projects prior to yours.

One company

It’s easier to deal with just one designer and detailer, one set of paperwork and one project manager who’s organising all the trades and running the job. Once you have found a company you like, working on the project will diminish to something very manageable. Your designer, detailers and project manager guide you through the renovation step by step.

Laundry design

A well-designed space can make the laundry so much more functional and easy to use — and we can complete the project in just a few weeks.

Our award-winning laundry designs incorporate ample storage, hidden or open, bench space and added extras such as ironing stations and drying racks. Laundry renovations not only increase the functionality of your space, but can add significant value to your home.

Why choose us to do it all?

  • We offer specialists appropriate for each room
  • You benefit from economies of scale when contracting one builder and ordering all the components together
  • The design and quality build, cabinetry and components are seamless and consistent throughout your home
  • Completing the whole project in one go will minimise disruption to your day-to-day living
  • You only have to visit one showroom and choose all your fixtures, fittings and materials for your bathrooms, kitchen and laundry
  • You will have peace of mind knowing that your dedicated designer, detailer and project manager and trades have all worked together to deliver numerous award-winning bathrooms, kitchen and laundries
  • You can relax knowing that you will be guided through the renovation process from start to finish. You will confidently improve the value of your home without over-capitalising on a major renovation

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