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4 tell-tale signs that it’s time to renovate

When it comes to our homes, we can always find things that are in need of an upgrade. There are a lot of reasons why our clients choose to renovate – to replace a design that no longer suits your lifestyle, or you could be battling with structural problems. Whatever the reason may be there are some tell-tale signs that make it hard to deny that a renovation is in order.

Your home should be a place you don’t dread coming home to – therefore if your home is showing these four signs, it is time to renovate.

Outdated Style

You may have pinned and posted pictures of your favourite styles, colour palettes, tile patterns, and fixtures and fittings and come to realise the current style of your home is not even close. If you’re battling with an outdated colour palette, mismatching wall and floor tile patterns, or considering selling the house in the future, keeping up with the latest styles could prove to be important. White, grey and black palettes will always be timeless choices and you will never have to worry about being short of inspiration.

Old and faulty fixtures

Old toilets and leaky taps in the bathroom, tile cracks and clogged sinks in the kitchen, and defective lighting fixtures are just some of the most common issues an old home has. If there was ever an excuse to renovate, fairly substantial leaks and damages would be it. Some damages can be fixed, however, if these issues are getting out of control and keep on coming back shortly after being fixed that is a big sign that you’re in need of a major upgrade.

Doesn’t suit your lifestyle

Maybe you love to entertain but your kitchen is separated from the rest of the home and you feel isolated from your guests. Maybe your family has expanded and you are in desperate need of a second bathroom and more storage, and overall you need a design that is more functional and family-friendly. If your current design is significantly affecting your lifestyle and you are intending to sell your home in the near future, this could be a very good reason to renovate as chances are, the poor layout will affect potential buyers too.

You hate the space so much you don’t actually use it

Whether it’s falling apart, or just plain ugly, if you dislike the space so much that you start to dread coming home, it is time to act. A functional and useable space is going to make your home much more comfortable to live in. It’s also an opportunity to upgrade to a few extra features and appliances that can go a long way to creating a more environmentally sustainable home that’s cheaper to run.

If your home is displaying any of these tell-tale signs get in touch with our talented smarterBATHROOMS+ team today on 1300 662 838.

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