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5 Ways to Revive a Tired Kitchen (without remodelling)

While you’re saving up for your dream kitchen, there are a multitude of inexpensive ways to update a tired space before it’s time to remodel. Despite the temptation to just change the cabinet doors, keep in mind that you are keeping the cheap part of the kitchen, and replacing the expensive part. It’s a much better idea to save a little more, and start with a clean slate. Changing the doors and worktop, can cost up to 60%-70% of a full renovation, so a little short term love is a good option. From adding colour to unifying your cooking utensils, you can shave years off even the most dilapidated spaces with these five tips:

1. Get crafty. Locate your focal point in your kitchen and adorn it with a piece of eye-catching art – this does not have to be expensive. Source a piece of vintage fabric from your local charity store (this will only set you back a few dollars) and glue it on a canvas for a unique DIY feature. The only downside of this is that your friends will beg you to make one for them!

2. Organise your space. Kitchens are a hive for activity and as a result, can often get cluttered. Clear additional space by using decorative baskets to group all of your utensils in to one place. Use wall space for storage – if you can mound it, do it, if you don’tuse it, ditch it.

3. Pull out the paintbrush. Do you have dull old wood cabinets that need replacing, but you can’t afford it? Refresh them with a lick of paint. White washing wood is an elegant and foolproof way to update a kitchen. Consider updating them with new handles – they’re cheap and easy to install.

4. Purchase new appliances. Sometimes it is not the space but the accessories that make a kitchen look worn-out. For less than $100, purchase a new toaster and kettle in matching hues. You’ll be surprised how big an effect this little change will have on your space.

5. Rip off the curtains. Old curtains are the worst offenders in a tired kitchen, and they are usually overlooked. Remove your curtains and don’t replace them. Natural light is your biggest asset to cultivate a feeling of roominess and best of all – it’s free.

6. Review accessories. All it takes is a threadbare tea towel or a worn out cooking book to turn a kitchen from fab to drab. Remove anything that is dated and save them for when you renovate your kitchen, remembering that vintage accessories only shine in modern spaces.

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