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6 Key Facts to Learn Before your Melbourne Bathroom Renovation

At last, after countless hours of research and daydreaming, you’ve got a clear mental picture of how your dream bathroom will look. Perhaps you’ve already picked the perfect vanity unit, and you can almost feel yourself blissfully soaking in that beautiful freestanding bath you pinned on Pinterest?   

While imagining your dream space is a lot of fun, it can also lead to unnecessary disappointment if your plans don’t have a firm hold on reality. In other words, ignoring details like existing plumbing, walls, and wiring can leave you with a design that is impractical, costly, or downright unachievable.    

But don’t worry, here at smarterBATHROOMS+ we’ve got you covered. We understand how frustrating it is to let go of an idea that you’re so invested in. So, we’ve compiled a list of six crucial facts you need to know before starting your Melbourne bathroom renovation.   

Existing Plumbing Will Impact your Design    

Perhaps you’ve got your eyes set on a floating vanity unit that will perfectly fit the space. But have you thought about how the water waste is going to get out of your bathroom? Plumbing positioning presents its own design challenges.   

If the waste exits an external wall, then a floating vanity doesn’t present a challenge as the pipes will neatly go through the wall. However, if plumbing needs to go through the floor, the ‘floating’ effect of your vanity unit will be ruined. If this is the case in your bathroom, and you have your heart set on a floating vanity, there is no need to worry just yet. Our experienced designers and builders have many tricks up their sleeves to artfully conceal unappealing pipes to achieve a light, floating look vanity unit. 


Removing Old Tiles isn’t as Simple as it Sounds 

Renovations typically present challenges you wouldn’t encounter when building from scratch. A major one being you never know what you’ll find underneath old tiles when pulling them up. Underneath your existing tiles is a waterproofing membrane that’s applied like paint to your sub-floor to keep water out should it make its way under your tiles and prevent structural damage to your property.   

Because of the nature of the work, pulling up old tiles can compromise this thin layer of waterproofing. Also, it’s at this stage of the renovation when hidden issues come to the surface. Water damage can go unnoticed for years, and leaks can frequently seem tiny on the surface but can be signs of a bigger problem.  

For all these reasons, the best way to achieve a successful tiling finish is to demolish the existing bathroom, tiles and all and start fresh, rather than attempting to (unsuccessfully) remove old tiles. It’s crucial that waterproofing is executed to perfection in your new bathroom to ensure the longevity of your new space; it’s a task best left to the experts.  

Choosing the Right Showerhead is an Art  

When it comes to showerheads, there are so many beautiful options that picking just one can seem like a daunting task. There’s also the question of placement. Will the showerhead be coming from, the ceiling or the wall? Do you need a rain shower, or a handheld shower? or maybe both?    

If it comes from the ceiling, be mindful of the ceiling’s height, to avoid a disproportionately long pipe throwing your design out of balance. A wall-mounted shower head would be a much better option in that case.    

Apart from aesthetics, it also pays to keep in mind your needs and lifestyle. Do you wash your hair every day? To avoid getting your hair wet (and ruining your blow-dry), you could opt for installing a handheld shower.     

If you want both, a twin rail is a perfect solution. Even though it comes with a higher price tag, a twin rail shower utilises a sole plumbing connection, which can reduce your plumbing costs overall, as opposed to installing separate connections, one being for the handheld shower, and the second for an overhead shower.   

Some Flooring Options aren’t a Good Fit for a Bathroom  

Natural stone is undoubtedly beautiful, as are ceramic and gloss tiles. However, these materials aren’t the best choice for bathroom flooring.   

Your bathroom is a wet environment, so naturally, you want to ensure you have a little grip underfoot. You also want flooring that is not porous. You undoubtedly want to cut down on cleaning time and want to avoid water sneaking under the tiles. 

The Right Grout will Save you Hours of Cleaning   

We all want to spend less time cleaning and more time doing what we love. Choosing a large format tile means less grout in your bathroom, therefore less cleaning, so they are a sensible choice that looks stunning. But if you have your heart set on smaller tiles but still love the idea of less cleaning, don’t worry. There’s hope for you as well!  

At smarterBATHROOMS+, our standard practice is to use epoxy grout on all tiled bathroom floors, which is less porous than water-based cement grout. Epoxy grout repels water instead of absorbing it, acting as a second layer of waterproofing. It’s also more resistant to stains, which makes cleaning a breeze.  

Because we know how much cleaning time it saves our clients, we’ve made the more challenging to apply Epoxy grout our standard. And we haven’t looked back since!  


Your Original Design Should Include a Lighting Plan   

Task lighting, mood lighting, natural light, dimmable lights, heat lights… Creating a lighting plan that complements and elevates a design is no easy feat. Not to mention the importance of adequate natural light and ventilation to avoid condensation, water damage, and mould.   

 Having an expert design your lighting plan before you even begin demolishing your existing bathroom can save a lot of money and time, compared to treating the lighting of your room as an afterthought. If you haven’t thought about your lighting beforehand, trying to work around wiring and existing power points to achieve a desired result or look can quickly become a nightmare. And no one wants a beautiful bathroom ruined by poor lighting or insufficient ventilation.     

Let experienced professionals handle everything for you  

With so many vital details to keep in mind, so many trades and a wide variety of expertise involved, a bathroom renovation can be as satisfying as it can be complicated.   

At smartherBATRHOOMS+, we make the complex appear effortless, so you can enjoy the process from start to finish. From your first design meetings with our award-winning designers exploring your taste until the day you walk into your brand new, sparkling clean bathroom, and beyond.    

Ready to begin your renovation journey? Book a free in-home consultation with smarterBATHROOMS+ now. 

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