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6 simple design tips to create the perfect home office

The current state of the world means working from home is the new normal for so many Melbournians, as you and your work colleagues navigate children and pets interrupting video conference calls and those household chores that are just screaming at you to get done, it can be a big adjustment. Having the right working environment and equipment is one sure way to set yourself up for success even amidst the home life interruptions.

To ensure you don’t lose productivity during your time in isolation, we’ve collated simple design tips to create a workspace that keeps your paperwork, clutter, as well as your motivation under control and it doesn’t have to require a dedicated home office space! Your perfect home office awaits!

It’s all about location 

If you don’t have the luxury of a dedicated home office space or a spare room you can turn into a home office, then it’s time to look elsewhere. Look at areas in your home where you can ‘steal’ some unused space from – this could be a hallway, under the stairs, or an area in your kitchen or living room. The main things you need are a laptop and wireless connection, and with that your fit-out doesn’t need to be anything too fancy. A desk, chair and some shelving will do the trick. If you are looking for a more permanent solution – is there a spot in your home where a study nook can be built in, or is there a spare room that would make the perfect home office?  

Good lighting is key 

It’s essential for your workspace to be filled with natural light not only to allow you to see properly during the day but to boost comfort and mood levels too, which is so important at this time. Where possible try to position your desk near a window. If natural light is an issue throughout your home, a quick and cost-effective option is to install a light tube above your desk. This will bring natural diffused light in and can be installed in a few hours. If natural light is out of the question a desk lamp is going to be your best friend to get you through working from home.


You want to feel inspired and comfortable while working from home, which won’t be the case if your cables, paperwork and files are running rampant. Take the time to create a dedicated charging station, and file your paperwork often, if a dedication drawer isn’t an option a shoe box works perfectly for storing paperwork. Isolation can be a great time to add decorative touches to your space to make it feel more positive to get you through. This could be a simple coat of paint on the wall or a whole new fit out, new desk, stationary, artwork, the lot!

Add some greenery 

Adding some plants on your desk, the floor or on a windowsill will add an element of tranquillity, reduce noise and filter the air. Watering the plants will also be a nice calming activity to break up your day sitting at your desk. Bonus!

Keep it eco friendly 

There are easy steps you can take to ensure your home office is as eco-friendly as possible. Refilling your ink cartridges, setting your printer to black and white reduced ink double-sided prints and recycling any paper or office products you no longer need are just some simple ways you can do your bit for the environment.

Don’t forget about cleaning too! To ensure your home office space is clean and healthy, wipe down any surfaces touched regularly from your computer, mouse to any doorknobs or light switches nearby. This will be extremely important in protecting yourself and your home during isolation.

Employ ergonomics

If you are going to be seated at your desk for hours, you want to make sure all your furniture is at the right height, so you don’t put a strain on your body. When seated, your feet should rest flat on the floor with your thighs parallel to it. Choose a chair that offers ample back support, supporting the natural curve of your spine. Sort your chair out first, then adjust your desk to around elbow height.


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