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8 reasons to visit our kitchen showroom

We talk a lot about organising a free in-home consultation as being the first step on your journey to renovating your kitchen with SmarterBathrooms+. But paying a visit to our kitchen showroom at 77 Salmon Street Port Melbourne beforehand has many benefits – 8 to be exact.


1. Feel the different benchtop and cabinetry finishes

Do you really know the difference between engineered stone, stainless steel, marble (Carrara® or Calacatta®), granite, Corian®, and timber? Do you know what cold-pressed foil is, or whether or not a painted 2 Pac finish is more resistant to scratching than a laminate or vinyl wrap?

Before you begin making all of the many decisions involved in a kitchen renovation, you’d be wise to familiarise yourself with the properties of each type of bench top, so that you know which one is the right one for you. In our kitchen showroom, you’ll be able to see, touch and fall in love with the perfect kitchen benchtop.

And while you’re there, our design team will be able to walk you through the wide range of cabinetry finishes too, so you’re armed with all the knowledge you need by the time your designer turns up at your home for a consultation.

2. Understand the zones of kitchen design

Things have changed since the 1950s, when the ‘work triangle’ was the prevailing kitchen design. Now, kitchens are designed with multiple zones. A storage zone, a consumable zone, a preparation zone, a cooking zone and a cleanup zone. An authentic workflow of the cooking process is taken into account in this kitchen design process.

Our showroom kitchens are all set up in this way, so when you visit you can get a real feel for how all the zones of your modern kitchen could look and work together.


3. See the storage options

We’ve come a long way since the revolutionary cutlery divider was introduced to kitchen drawers as the ultimate piece of organisational equipment. In our modern showrooms, we are now displaying the latest in Blum drawer runner technology with all of the bells and whistles to make kitchen storage a breeze. We also have pull-out pantry systems, Blum servo-drive electronic opening systems and so much more for you to see.

4. Check out the quality of potential renovators

We are very proud of the finishes in our custom-designed kitchens in our Port Melbourne showroom. If you’re looking to compare the quality of our work with others in the market, come down and see it for yourself.

Here’s a quick checklist to go through when choosing your renovator:

  1. Is the renovator a Registered Building Practitioner?
  2. Do they have the correct registration to build a kitchen?
  3. Does the contract include warranty and insurance details?
  4. Do you understand if the price can be varied and how?
  5. Is there a start date on the contract and a guaranteed finish date?
  6. What is the specialisation of the builder? Kitchens, or something else?
  7. Do you have a good feeling about how your potential renovator will deal with you and understand your needs?
  8. Do you have a hands-on designer to see your renovation through from start to finish?

It’s really important for you to feel like there is a good level of understanding and empathy between you and your kitchen designer. If that’s not the case, the whole process could be a struggle from start to finish. Try to find someone that you connect with and who fully understands you and your family’s needs. Why not come into SmarterBathrooms+ to have a have a coffee and get to know us before your in-home consultation?


5. Know the different types of drawer runners

Did you know there were different varieties of soft-close drawers, even within each brand?

At the smarterBATHROOMS+ Showroom, we use Blum internals for our drawer runners and hinges, and use soft close hinges and runners as standard. We also have Servo drive drawers that are driven open electrically if you touch them. We recognise Blum as the market leaders in this space, and our team has the knowledge and training to tell you why.

6. Discover the perfect kitchen lighting

LED lighting has really taken off in kitchens lately, and can be used above work surfaces and inside cabinetry. Come and see the difference between cool and warm-toned LEDs, and also the different methods of setting them up. We have several cabinets set up in our showroom to display recessed task lighting, mood lighting, door-activated lighting and so much more.


7. Get unbiased guidance on appliances

If you go to an electrical store, they will likely push you into buying the ‘special of the month’, waxing lyrical about its features and benefits. This will often be the appliance that generates the most profit for them that month, and next month it will be a different one. You want a designer to understand what is important to you and how you cook. A good designer will be able to recommend the brand or features that you should be looking for – this will help you make an informed decision.

8. Have some fun!

You should see your kitchen renovation as an opportunity to improve your home but also a chance to have some fun. We love what we do at SMARTERbathrooms+, and we want you to be part of the exciting journey to creating a kitchen that you love. It all starts with a little showroom inspiration.


Ready to start your renovation journey? Come down and see us and we will be more than happy to give you a guided tour of our Port Melbourne showroom. Sit down and have a coffee, and chat to one of our designers who will help you begin to design the kitchen of your dreams.

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