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Upgrade your kitchen with must-have luxury features

Wondering what the latest little luxuries are that will revolutionise the time you spend in your kitchen? We put together a list of must-have finishing touches that will enhance your kitchen experience in ways you didn’t even know were possible – but that’s why we’re here to help. 

The first kitchen feature we recommend is an instant boiling water tap. If you’re the type of person that has ten cups of tea a day, you could certainly benefit from one of these. Or perhaps you’re an avid pasta chef who can’t abide waiting for the water to boil. Whatever your reason, away with the kettle and enjoy hot water instantly (as well as some freed up space on your kitchen counter). An added bonus of these taps is the option to have filtered, chilled water or even sparkling water. You can choose to have this as your main kitchen tap or as a separate tap with a simple safety switch to ensure little fingers don’t get hurt.

Another addition to your kitchen that will change your life is a steam oven. The health-inspired appliance allows you to make nutritious and well-balanced meals by eliminating the use of oils and fats from your cooking – and it’s actually a quicker way of cooking!

We all know how much room a fridge and a freezer can take up in the kitchen but there are a few ways to minimise the amount that these appliances impose on your space. More and more, we are fitting fully integrated fridges and freezers that are entirely camouflaged within the kitchen’s design. An alternative is a fridge-freezer drawer; conveniently located at hip height, the drawer simply pulls out to display all of your refrigerated items. This is a great solution for smaller kitchens or for additional fridges in larger homes such as in the butler’s pantry.

Do you often leave the house only to discover that your phone or smart watch is out of battery? Having a charging station in your kitchen could be the solution to this problem. Set up a charging pad inside a kitchen drawer or simply connect a USB port to a power point so that you can recharge your phone right in the heart of your home. Never again will you be left out of touch when you’re out of the home.

For more about added kitchen luxuries, book an in home consultation to speak with our award-winning design team or call 1300 662 838 today.

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