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Award winning bathrooms – demistified

I just want…..well, everything!
Long, thin bathroom with everything.

Vanessa Cook
Vanessa  says: Creating a functional bathroom, complete with a separate bath and separate shower with loads of storage – that was in keeping with the “Art Deco” features of the apartment was the client’s goal. By repositioning the bath along the back wall under the window and placing the “wet room” shower area with a hinged shower screen provided enough room for a large vanity and toilet suite. The sweeping bench seat feature provides a place to sit whilst others are bathing and extra storage. Rectangular café coloured tiles give the room an Art Deco with a modern twist as does the timber veneer of the cabinetry.

A splash of Citrus in the morning.
A splash of citrus to freshen up

Susan Cleveland
The long mirrored cabinets over the vanity and concealed cistern toilet  for storage hide the mundane like powerpoints with recessed led lighting to set the wow in the evening if the clients are entertaining.  Note the unusual handles on the vanity and cabinetry – no smudges on these mirrors! The hydrothermal towel rails keep their towels warm in our cool winters.

The clients are international travellers who have the opportunity to view many bathrooms and the collaboration was a joy to create a unique and luxurious space for people who appreciate high end detail.

Turquoise is restful – white is fresh 

This bathroom was renovated in the middle ring suburbs of Melbourne.  It was truly an example of early sixties design with vertical pine lining and a basic form of functionality with very little light from the existing window.  Our client was ready for an update and wanted a change, we needed to accommodate all the things they still had in the bathroom, a bath, separate shower, toilet suite and vanity and storage. The look required by the client after living with the poor light and wood was to be light and fresh, retreatful and sophisticated.

My client is very drawn to the colours of turquoise, aqua, white.  The requirements were also that the bathroom be designed for her future use as she would not be leaving the house.   Functionality but above all looking inviting was important for her. By stripping away the pine lining and putting a new larger translucent window at the end of the bath immediately the light was increased, the selection of the clean fresh lines also added considerable impact in making the small space seem so much larger.   A walk in shower with a rain shower, concealed cistern toilet suite, mirrored cabinetry and custom made vanity with bevel and rail and clean simple lines ensured the brief could be met.  The addition of the Kado Petit Freestanding bath was a perfect addition to create a retreatful space.

The addition of a cavity sliding door with translucent glass ensured one could enjoy the whole room without trying to move around doorways once in the bathroom, it also ensures a wow factor when you slide the door open. The bizazza tiles and the Dulux Colour “Aida” were the foils for the clients favourite colours against the simple white tiles on the wall and the natural porcelain tiles of the floor.

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