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Bathroom renovation – rags to riches

Dragged screaming out of mock Victoriana into the present.

Now we have all seen it. Those bathrooms that were remodelled in the 1980’s when we all had this penchant for the yesteryear.

These Victorian-style bathrooms had so many bathroom design problems, but lets just talk about a few. For a start lets discuss the cleaning problems you have with claw foot freestanding baths. Its near impossible to get your mop under them and behind them, especially if they are installed flush with the wall, which the trusty bathroom renovator did all those years ago. The bathroom vanity, is a disaster from a cleaning and storage point of view too! The timber top is rotted and stained. No way you want to put your toothbrush down on that festering mould attractor now! The silicone round the basin is long gone, and who know what is lurking near the rim of that basin. The shower is another matter entirely when it comes to mould. Needless to say its been repaired on several occasions now by some home handyman who has decided to apply the silicone he got from Bunnings with a nearby bath towel. Or at least that’s the way it looks.

When she purchased this home in the Ormond area, this client decided to take action on the mock period style bathroom monstrosity. She got straight onto Vanessa Cook, who transformed this ugly timepiece into a modern, functional room.

The new bathroom exudes urban sophistication, maximising storage space with drawers in the vanity, a recessed mirrored cabinet for easy access to all the bathroom essentials. The bath, while still freestanding, has been modernised with a flush to the floor model being chosen to minimise visual clutter and making cleaning easier.

The shower is now hidden behind the door in what was an old cupboard, and the space is maximised by utilising a frameless sliding glass screen. This means the toilet can be sneaked closer to the shower door. The floor tiles are wrapped up onto the wall to give the room a cocoon like moody feeling. Further space is created visually by floating the vanity cabinetry up off the floor.

The contrast of the new bathroom to the old bathroom photos speak for themselves!

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