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Best Bathroom Designs of 2021

When planning a bathroom renovation, sourcing the best bathroom design ideas is key. With plenty of modern bathroom designs and styles out there, finding the one that works for you can seem daunting. But it doesn’t have to be! Whether you’re looking for small bathroom design ideas or you have a larger space to work with, we want to help you find the perfect solution for your renovation.

With that in mind, we’ll introduce you to four distinctive bathroom designs that suit any lifestyle, so you can easily discover the perfect match for you and your home. By exploring our collection of tried and tested modern bathroom designs, you’ll be able to start piecing together which features, colour schemes and finishes speak to you the most. Is it Urban, Coastal, Modern Elegance, or Hotel Lux? Let’s find out!

Begin by Getting Inspired

When looking for the best bathroom design ideas, it pays to do a little research. A great place to start is our bathroom gallery of completed projects, where you will find a fresh stream of images to inspire your renovation.

Sites like Style Sourcebook are also a great starting point. This easy-to-use Melbourne-born platform contains thousands of beautiful real-life mood boards for extra inspiration. Save the boards that resonate with you the most! In addition, Style Sourcebook also lets you create your own mood board complete with different colour schemes, products, and finishes in a simple drag and drop interface which is fun to use.

Having a mood board ready will help you and your designer begin to communicate the direction you want to take on your renovation journey.

Four Bathroom Designs to Suit Any Home

Once you’ve found your favourite design elements, it’s time to choose the perfect bathroom design for your renovation! But with so many options out there, how do you know you’re making the right decision for your home? This is when guidance from the renovation experts comes in handy.

17+ years of experience has shown us not all bathroom designs are created equal. Some bathroom designs may look beautiful and please your eyes. However, they lack basic functionality, which means they’ll never really suit your or your family’s needs. What’s more, we can confidently say that some designs cannot be beaten for their simplicity, sheer beauty, and functionality. And those are the ones worth considering.

Drawing on our expertise and experience, we’ve distilled the essential features of a superb bathroom renovation down to four main bathroom styles to suit any home. Then, with the help of our award-winning renovation team, your role is to unleash your creativity and customise your design until it feels like you!

Urban Bathroom Style

The Urban bathroom style creates a simple yet beautiful environment for calming and efficient modern bathing rituals. With a pared-back colour palette, an Urban bathroom can be styled in infinite ways, with a streamlined design that leaves room for self-expression. Moreover, the Urban bathroom style is super durable and timeless in aesthetics, allowing the space to be effortlessly inserted within any home.

Have you considered including a skylight in your bathroom’s design? A skylight is a beautiful and functional way to allow natural light to flood the space, creating a calming environment, as demonstrated in our urban bathroom display with a stepped ceiling to add a little drama.
If you love Contemporary design or are renovating to sell, then the Urban bathroom style is the perfect inclusion where less really is more.

 See more of our Urban Bathrooms here

Modern Elegance Bathroom Style

The Modern Elegance style blends the homely feeling of traditional designs with the airy and crisp look of modern designs for a timeless look. With an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, Modern Elegance bathrooms utilise the best features of classic designs to create a contemporary space to suit any home.

Perhaps you love traditional elements like profiled doors and subway tiles, but want your home to look and feel modern and contemporary? A Modern Elegance bathroom achieves just that by balancing a marble-look vanity top with sleek tapware and a showstopping coloured basin. And that is just one of the many ways you could play with this versatile design.

True to our philosophy, a Modern Elegance bathroom can be quite pared back or very ornate, depending on your taste. Patterned, coloured, or big format tiles? Coloured basin or white? Round handles or sleek bars? It’s up to you! You can work with your designer to create the version of Modern Elegance that feels just like you.

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Coastal Bathroom Style

A Coastal bathroom feels like a little beach holiday within your home. With calming pastel colours, textural terrazzo and blonde timbers, a coastal bathroom celebrates the beauty of raw materials and is perfect for those who want to make a nature-inspired sanctuary of their bathroom.

The main features of a Coastal bathroom are its gorgeous terrazzo tiles accompanied by a stunning solid-surface free-standing bath and a practical floating vanity in a soothing timber shade. If relaxed seaside vibes are your thing, then Coastal might be for you!

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Hotel Lux Bathroom Style

Hotel Lux bathroom is your personalised wellness sanctuary featuring stunning finishes and state-of-the-art technology. With its beautiful natural timber finishes, every detail of a Hotel Lux bathroom invites you to relax and enjoy your home like never before.

Hotel Lux bathrooms feature a stunning marble vanity top with a drop front and classic chrome tapware. Have you considered including a SmartControl shower mixer in your new bathroom? A smart mixer allows you to set your preferred temperature and water flow, for a next-level shower experience at the tap of a button.

If you want to elevate your bathroom experience, then a Hotel Lux bathroom might be your style.

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Enlist the Professionals

Whether you’re still unsure about which style is right for you or your mind is made up, and you’re ready to renovate, now is the perfect time to have a chat with one of our bathroom renovation experts at smarter BATHROOMS +.

To begin your renovation journey, give us a call today on 1300 662 838 to book your FREE In-Home Consultation to discuss your bathroom renovation with an Interior Designer. 

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