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Big ideas for small bathroom

Have you ever felt like you could never really fall in love with your bathroom because it’s so small? A compact bathroom might seem like a difficult area to renovate, however, with some bathroom design tips and a little creativity, you can rekindle a romance with your bathroom.

Magic mirrors

Magicians aren’t the only ones who know how to make use of this common household item! Be unconventional and utilise mirrors in different styles — for example, bathroom mirrors can have both functional and decorative purposes.

The addition of mirrors to any bathroom can help add a level of depth to the space. A large mirror can make a room feel almost double in size. For a smaller bathroom, a mirrored wall could be an excellent option. Not only will it function as a useful full-length mirror, but you can also create space behind it for storage. Our senior designer Stephanie O’Donohue says, “It’s the oldest trick in the book — mirrors, mirrors, and more mirrors.”

Consider floor materials

Patterned tiles and texture add character to any living space in your home. While working with a smaller room, you may not have room for a feature wall, but it doesn’t mean your flooring needs to miss out. Forget rectangles, give your bathroom floor the wow factor by choosing geometric shapes, patterns or colours. Add these colours and shapes to your accessories when styling so your bathroom will come together and flow seamlessly.

Maximise lighting in small bathrooms

Your bathroom doesn’t have to be gloomy and dark all the time. Windows are usually naturally incorporated into bathrooms. However, there are other ways you can play up your natural lighting — even in the smallest of settings.

When you start designing your space, consider the use of natural soft colours. “Lighter colours will bounce the natural light around a room,” says O’Donohue. “This gives the illusion of space.”

When working with a smaller space move away from traditional bathroom lighting such as vanity lights. Instead, consider applying LED lighting to your bathroom. You will be surprised with the longevity and environmental impact of this product — and it will have the added benefit of enhancing the overall brightness of the room. Bringing in bathroom light fixtures such as under-cabinet lights and flush-mount ceiling lights are the most innovative and modern techniques you can implement in your bathroom.

Float away

Floating vanities offer a diversity of design opportunities which give your bathroom a glamorous, minimalist, and luxurious look. The biggest benefit from this design? Spaciousness. As floating vanities are suspended above the floor and mounted to the wall, they can make any room feel more spacious and airy.

Not only do floating vanities enhance the overall look of a bathroom, but they also maintain functionality. “It’s about getting everything off the floor – frameless shower screens, floating vanities and hung toilets are all great options, with the bonus of being able to showcase your feature flooring,” says O’Donohue.

At smarterBATHROOMS+ we can explore all your renovation options and help you create a compact bathroom you will fall in love with. Call us on1300 662 838 to speak to one of our experts today.

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