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Big trends for little bathrooms

While you may have made some improvements to your bathroom over the years, we know, in many cases, there is often still a long way to go to bring bathrooms up to par with the rest of the house.

The trouble is that the bathroom is often thought to be more of a ‘functional’ room rather than a ‘designer’ one. And with many bathrooms being relatively small in dimensions, giving them designer good looks can be challenging.

However, if you’re willing to think outside the box, you’ll see that a thoughtful bathroom renovation can deliver a truly beautiful space.

Start with the floor

Many small bathrooms don’t have the space for a feature wall because all of the walls are being put to practical use. However, as much of the floor area is empty space, it makes sense to give this basic component some designer TLC.

Instead of using everyday tiles, introduce interestingly shaped tiles or even a splash of colour. No more squares or rectangles – we can choose feature floor tiles in curved, round, geometric, diamond shapes, the list goes on. Instead of one colour, multi-colours can be chosen to enhance the shapes. These colours can also be repeated in the cabinetry or other accessories.

To give more impact to your eye-catching floor, show more of it – by suspending your basin or cabinetry.

Bespoke vanity

A vanity that has been designed especially for your own needs is ideal when working with a small space. People usually choose the nearest to their needs as they can get, and if there is some missing component they simply do without. In actual fact, designing the vanity area to suit you and your lifestyle will make it a feature you’ll appreciate every day.

You don’t have to be crammed or feel cramped, without enough bench space to work on, or with inadequate lighting that makes you squint or peer to see well. Everyone has different needs and they can be accommodated when you renovate your bathroom to suit your lifestyle.

A bathroom that reflects your home

Often, the bathroom renovation is done is such a way as to reflect the rest of the home. This can be done in several ways:

  • convert a cabinet or table into a vanity unit
  • use the same colour palette as the kitchen or laundry
  • add a touch of glam with a pendant or wall lights
  • select small artwork

If you love the sustainable look you can use recycled boards for a feature wall, up-cycled cupboards for storage and accessories such as cane baskets to hold clean towels for your newly renovated bathroom.

The importance of windows

Windows are another way to upgrade your bathroom. Traditionally, bathroom windows are quite small. So, when possible, changing to a larger size will maximise natural lighting, while adding an illusion of space to this room.

The smarterBATHROOMS+ team has many other inspirational design ideas for your small bathroom renovation. We invite you to visit our showroom or to arrange an appointment for one of our bathroom professionals to visit your home.

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