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Butler’s pantries — perfect for entertaining

With the introduction of open plan kitchens and breakfast bars, kitchens have become the heart of the home. We know all too well families and guests like to congregate around the centre of the cooking action. As humans, most of our lives revolve around cooking and eating so it’s only natural we gravitate to where the action is. There are a variety of ways to enhance your kitchen experience but one of the most practical and rewarding features you can add is a butler’s pantry.

Think of all the times you’ve entertained, where the dirty dishes have built up alongside the sink, taking up all the bench space. Have you ever been embarrassed by the greasy pots and pans, the haphazard pile of plates and bowls, when guests have come to chat and help you prepare food? Sometimes, you think, it’d be easier if you could shove all the mess of prepping into a room, out of sight and out of mind, until you’ve finished entertaining. Well! That’s exactly what a butler’s pantry is for.

Before you install a butler’s pantry, though, it’s important to keep these things in mind:

  • Almost everyone includes at least a sink and even a dishwasher in their renovations. This means the dishes you store in the pantry can go through the dishwasher with minimal fuss. (Maybe you can even rope a friend or loved one into doing the dishes like a real butler.)
  • Remember to include as much bench space as possible in your designs. These are useful for unpacking groceries, doing food prep and stacking cutlery and plates you bring out of storage for large parties.
  • Butler’s pantries are great for storing and using appliances, or even just for keeping those oft-forgotten gadgets that seem like such a good idea when you’re buying them. Waffle toasters, cocktail slushie makers, fondue sets, popcorn machines…
  • Remember to include adequate lighting, plenty of power points and an exhaust fan, just like you would in your kitchen.

Now, we haven’t mentioned perhaps one of the most important functions of a butler’s pantry – wine storage! How many times have you argued over where to put the bar fridge or wine rack? And yet, no matter where you put it, it feels out of place – and no one wants to hike out to the garage to get the good bottles of chardonnay or pinot noir.  Eurocave have a wide range of wine cabinets that will be the perfect addition to any butler’s pantry. Problem solved!

So… whether you decide to include a sink or dishwasher, whether you’ll install four power points or eight, design your butler’s pantry to fit your lifestyle and enjoy all the benefits of having the additional space and hide-away for dirty dishes.

Before you begin to make headway on your kitchen renovation, stop for a second to consider the above. Speak to one of our smarterBATHROOM+ experts today on 1300 662 838 or book a free in-home consultation to make sure your kitchen renovation process and result are seamless and catastrophe-free.

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