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Adapting to the challenges of coronavirus

Updated 01/06/2020

We want to assure our community that collectively we are committed to taking every precaution to protect the safety and wellbeing of our valued customers and employees, as we prioritise health during this uncertain and ever-changing period. At smarterBATHROOMS+ we continue to be proactive within our business to slow the spread of the coronavirus, (in accordance to the Australian Government’s daily updates) as we endeavour to make improvements to best serve our community.

As we continue to produce high-quality renovations in collaboration with our clients, the below actions have been put in place to mitigate risk:

In our showroom

  • Our showroom remains open however adhering to the government’s social distancing guidelines.
  • A member of our design team can meet with you virtually via video call should you not wish to visit us in store
  • All visitors (including employees) are asked to confirm that they have no current symptoms before entering the showroom/office
  • We ask that everyone entering our showroom make use of the provided hand sanitizer on regular occasions, we also have gloves and masks available
  • We take social distancing very seriously, so please note that our staff will not be shaking client’s hands upon arrival to our showroom, nor will they come within 1.5m of our clients or other employees. We understand that during these trying times it is unnatural to remain at a distance, but we will continue to respect these required measures
  • We are in a fortunate position to support our staff to work from home; therefore minimal staff will be in our showroom/office/factory at any given time
  • All surfaces within the showroom are disinfected on multiple occasions throughout the day to ensure the continued safety of all those who enter

In your apartment/home

  • Video consultations are to be conducted for all initial design consultations to allow a member of our design team into your home virtually
  • Projects will proceed onsite providing clients and tradespeople are not presenting symptoms. Social distancing will be practised within client’s homes.
  • No more than two tradespeople will be in your home/apartment at a time, trades will sanitise hands prior to entering your home/apartment including elevators.
  • A disinfectant wipe down will be conducted by each trade before they leave site.
  • Regular hand washing is a necessity for both tradespeople and clients within the home.
  • If one of our clients is presenting symptoms, we will delay the project onsite until tested negative to the coronavirus. Similarly, should our trade’s present symptoms they will not work on project sites until tested negative to the coronavirus.
  • All sB+ trades and project managers have a personal thermometer and will be testing their temperature daily before heading onsite

Common areas

  • All team members will wear masks and gloves when entering a common area
  • Common areas will be wiped down regularly in the same fashion as an apartment/home
  • Trades will not enter elevators/lifts with a tenant. They will await the next lift and only ride individually or if the lift size permits a maximum of two people will travel to their destination
  • There is always a focus on physical distancing in all common areas to ensure all residents are not in contact with any representative of the business

Supply Chain

  • We proudly support Australian suppliers, and at this stage we have not been affected with supply shortages
  • Should a certain fixture or fitting become an issue we have the opportunity to reselect products to ensure the continuation of a project

We remain available at any time to our current and new clients on 1300 662 838.

smarterBATHROOMS+ is dedicated to our community as we continue to strive to exceed expectations, in a safe and mindful manner. Thank you for your understanding and support.

Warm regards,

Andrew Crawshaw, Alex Heaton, and the team at sB+.


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