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How to create the perfect vanity unit

A new vanity can either make or break a bathroom renovation, so selecting the right one is absolutely key. But the important decisions around your vanity don’t stop at size and material. There are other factors like positioning to consider. The perfect vanity will complement the bathroom’s overall design and also perform its functional duty to a standard that makes using your bathroom feel effortless.

Before you can enjoy your new vanity, there is also the question of installation – one which is best answered by a team of renovation experts. Our design team has put together a list of key considerations to help you start your journey towards choosing the perfect vanity for your new bathroom.

Material finishes

Make no mistake, the materials and finishes you select for your vanity unit will have a determining effect on the bathroom’s overall look. So pay close attention to these details, ensuring the colour, pattern and texture are in line with your renovation vision. The materials’ durability is especially important for a bathroom, as it will be subjected to moisture on a daily basis.

Laminates, vinyl, 2pac and timber veneers are all viable options for the bathroom space. With so many materials to choose from, you won’t be short of options when it comes to selecting a colour and finish that will work with your bathroom interior.

The benchtop material of your vanity is also incredibly important. Materials like marble, granite, engineered stone  and solid surface make great benchtops, and you can choose the colour and thickness to suit your taste.

Vanity sizing

No matter how big your storage needs, forcing an oversized vanity into a small bathroom is not the way to accommodate those needs. Instead of compromising the overall design aesthetic, choose a vanity that is proportionate to the size of the room, and integrate innovative storage solutions to compensate.

How do you determine the perfect proportion? Based on the size of the bathroom and inclusions such as the shower, bath and toilet, the appropriate vanity size will quickly become apparent – at least to an expert, and that’s why we’re here to help. The optimum size for a double vanity unit is no less than 1500mm wide, as this will create enough bench space and elbow room when the double basins are simultaneously in use.

Wall hung vs free-standing

Another design aspect to consider is whether the vanity is wall hung (otherwise known as floating) or free-standing. The overarching style of your bathroom may determine one way or the other, but storage is also a factor. While wall hung vanities are a statement of contemporary design and tend to create the illusion of space – a positive especially in smaller bathrooms – they naturally offer less storage, given that there is air beneath them where there could be another drawer.

Opting for a free-standing vanity is an easy way to create added storage space, which is, of course, doubled if you’re installing a double vanity. You will also be tapping into a more classic approach to bathroom design, which will help foster an aesthetic appeal that is timelessly elegant without being overly modern.


If storage is a major concern for you (and it should be), there are lots of ways to tailor the vanity to your particular needs. First, think about what exactly you will store in the vanity. Towels? A hair dryer? Makeup? Cleaning products? With these details determined, you can weave specific storage solutions like drawer partitions into the design to make it more functional for you.


Considering the positioning of the vanity within your bathroom is very important. The unit needs to be positioned to help make your morning routine effortless. The doors and drawers need to be easily accessible, and not at all awkward to open. The location in relation to any windows is also key, as you’ll need uninterrupted wall space for a mirror to hang above the vanity.

By taking all of these factors into account, you can determine the perfect spot to install your vanity. Another influential factor to note is plumbing – if this is already in place, the simplest (and cheapest) option might be to add a new vanity in the existing vanity’s location. But we like a challenge, so present us with a plumbing relocation job any day and we’ll be up to the task.


Thinking about renovating? Let our award-winning design team work with you to design the perfect custom vanity unit for your bathroom. Call us on 1300 662 838 to discuss.

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