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Things Our Designers Love: Giving Your Bathroom The Wow Factor

We all know Kitchens and Bathrooms sell a home. Have you ever wondered what you can do to give your bathroom that ‘wow’ factor?

Here are some things our designers love at the moment.

Large windows

Bathrooms are typically on the smaller side and they are rarely lit properly, especially with a natural light source. That’s why a bathroom with a nice, large window which allows natural light to shine through will always bring the “wow” factor to your space.

Natural light can make any room look brighter and is a pleasant surprise in the “small room”.

A big bath

With trends leaning more and more towards walk-in showers with no bath because of space concerns, a bathroom with a large bath is a rarity nowadays. A big bath can give your bathroom an almost decadent, luxurious vibe which takes away from the strictly utilitarian feel you usually get.

Introducing a large bath means having a little fun with your space, and perhaps enjoying more time in the bathroom (long bubble baths, anyone?) – always a “wow” in our book.

Plants and flowers

You may have noticed this in interior design shows or magazines, but people have started adding plants to their bathroom designs and we think that’s amazing!

Plants not only bring a little visual interest to what can be a hard edged and clinical, but they also bring life. You don’t have to place a flower vase on the vanity, just a small succulent hanging from your ceiling is easy to care for, it doesn’t get in your way and it adds a bit of “wow” to your bathroom. Flowing ferns and orchids or even a green wall if you really wanted to go over the top.

Large mirror(s)

Sure, we all have mirrors, but have you ever seen those bathrooms with the huge, ‘ballet studio’ mirror? It’s an entire mirrored wall and it looks incredible. There is no better way of opening up a room and dispersing light than with the help of a mirror or multiple mirrors. If yours is a relatively small bathroom, a mirror can double your space, visually, and give it an expensive, well-lit look.

A recent trend is to have a large oversized mirror that emulates one of the shapes in the bathroom such as the vanity basin or the bath.


Continuing on the same idea of making your bathroom look better, on trend and more expensive, a growing trend has been the adding some elements of décor. This includes framed prints, photographs or chandeliers, where the space allows for such things.

They serve the purpose of personalising your room and making it seem more intimate, personal and interesting. Add a bit of glamour and it can transform your new bathroom into a boudoir.

Colour accents

Who says your bathroom has to be white? Don’t be afraid to have some fun with colour and choose an unexpected shade or design. Pink and yellow, red and green, floral accents or waterproof wallpaper – they are all completely valid options for bathroom designs.

Go crazy with interesting patterns for your tiles and contrasting colours; your bathroom doesn’t have to be boring anymore!

For more ideas on how to make your bathroom look unique and give it the “wow” factor, look no further than Smarter Bathrooms. Visit our showroom at 77 Salmon Street, Port Melbourne or call us on 1300 662 838. You can also arrange free in-home consultation to explore your renovation options. Our designers will work with you to transform your space into something you will love.

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