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Designing a Tween Bathroom (Without the Fuss)

It’s a fact: teenagers spend their formative years divided between their phone and the bathroom.  The interior design industry are accommodating this peculiar life stage by engineering custom tween bathrooms.  Ask any parent who routinely waits patiently as their tween indulges in their 40 minute shower; a separate bathroom is a definite sanity saver.

The design process of a tween bathroom is unique; while it will be your child’s private domain, you have to live its aesthetics; a bright purple tap will not bode well with the French provincial undertone that you’ve worked tirelessly to carry throughout your home.

Before you pick up a hammer, break up the design process in to a series of decorative and functional considerations:


• Draw your blueprint based on your tween’s bathroom behaviours.  A female tween’s bathroom must accommodate for hours of preening in front of the mirror, and have adequate bench space to host their artillery of hair tools. Typically, male tweens enjoy lengthy showers, therefore installing a water saving tap will save you time banging on the bathroom door.  While an adult would utilise an additional sink, a tween will always need more bench space; design with their needs in mind.

• Accommodate for technology.  Today tweens are born with wires, not veins.  Ensure a power plug is available to recharge iPhones and iPads in a safe water-free place.

• Keep hygiene as the priority.  Even when granted the luxury of a private bathroom, tweens will remain notoriously messy.  Install easy to reach units to dispose dirty clothes and linen in.  Choose surfaces that are relatively smudge proof and simple to clean.  Build the tween bathroom to survive a few weeks of a cleaning standoff.

• Separate the toilet and shower.  Especially if there is more than one tween using the space, a separate toilet and shower is essential to maintaining the peace.

• Place limitations on colour schemes.  As with any decision involving tweens; if you give them the reigns, they will take you for a ride.  Decide on a few colour palates that you can live with before broaching the subject with your tween.  Pastels are a good compromise; they are youthful yet muted.  Shiny chrome fixtures will modernise a space without looking too ostentatious.  Encourage your tweens to adorn the walls with their own art which can easily be updated – according to their changing tastes.

• Invest in mirrors.  Mirrors are the simplest way to cultivate the feeling of space, and functionally, a growing tween cannot live without a full length one at their disposal.

Designing a tween bathroom is a creative and exciting family experience; call us on 1300 662 838 to speak to the award-winning Smarter Bathrooms team today about creating your tween sanctuary or arrange free in-home consultation today.

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