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Fashionably Engineered Kitchen Design Ideas

Husband and wife team, Jenny (Fashion designer) and Bill (Engineer) formed the perfect combination to design their dream Kitchen – not only visually stunning, but also functional.

When searching for the perfect kitchen company to turn their ides into a reality and install their new kitchen, Bill was recommended to Smarter Kitchens by a work colleague. The design process then started in earnest.

The Challenge:

• Jenny is a fashion designer and was very particular about physical look and colour scheme

• Bill is an engineer and very particular about function and efficiency (traffic flow, zoning, storage efficiency, bench space ). Bill was also very interested in the process of the installation and quality and reliability of trades.

• Kitchen is in an area of the house with no direct natural light and existing kitchen was dark timber cabinetry. “Lightening” the area was very important to clients

• With older children they both love to cook and entertain as a family, so the kitchen required “capacity” and multi-purposing.

The Design Response:

Choosing high gloss white cabinetry was like adding a huge mirror to the room. All available light is reflected. Using Albedor True Reflections meant that the optical clarity of reflection was very high making the space feel bigger. Use of white as a base allowed meant that Jenny to express herself with preferred colour schemes throughout the rest of the home.

Applying the principles of the Smarter Space meant that the kitchen:

• Had great traffic flow by removing the “U” shape and integrating an island bench. Main traffic could flow straight through the kitchen without impinging of the work areas of the kitchen. If multiple people are working in the space there are two entries/exists and no one is trapped in the space, yet allowing maximum use of floor space.

• Good zoning was established, everything for cooking in area “a” with ample storage and work space as well as good spacing for cooking appliances. Everything for cleaning was in area ‘B” with ample storage and work space as well as good spacing for cleaning appliances. Everything for food storage was in area “c” with ample storage and work space as well as good spacing for storage appliances. The storage area doubles as an integrated alcohol bar, perfect for entertaining. That left the island bench free to be the perfect multi-purpose space; large prep, servery / buffet and entertaining / congregation area. Having a centrally located bin allowed access from each of the primary zones.

• Use of drawers and aventos mechanisms dramatically increased storage space and effective access to it.

• Significant increase in bench space, storage and traffic flow was achieved without increasing the foot print of the area allocated to the kitchen.

SmarterKITCHENS documentation, customer service and project management met the clients’ needs in having the whole project delivered “turn-key” with minimal time spent by the busy professional couple.

The results and the photographs of the new kitchen renovation speak for themselves. The kitchen has been transformed from a dark, drab, wood grain 80’s disaster to a light bright functional space that is a pleasure for the whole family to cook and entertain in.

Need more ideas and advices? Get our advice guide made by our award winning designers or call us on 1300 662 838 today.


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