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Go Bold with Colour

Never one to shy away from making a statement, I am quietly excited about the flush of colour in the kitchen and bathrooms. Straight from the runway to the kitchen, it seems a palette of blue is in store with pantone colours Dazzling Blue and Placid Blue leading the charge.

The colder months may be approaching, it’s the bold use of colour that will brighten up even the most drizzly day. In a move away from the neutral tones often associated with bathroom and kitchen design, renovators are opting for more daring colour schemes.

From pairing pastels and white with timber, to incorporating colour in elements such as tap ware, tiling or cabinetry, the trend is towards using colour to create more texture and interest to an environment. Whether it’s citrus orange, bright red or vibrant purple – 2014 is all about bold colour choices – a key trend also nominated by leading colour specialists Dulux.

Termed the ‘Retro Visionaries’, Dulux’s latest colour forecast references late 20th century style and the rise of digital culture as an influence for the move towards energetic colour palettes.

Aside from being on-trend, the use of bold colour plays an integral role in interior design, a factor that is often overlooked when it comes to the more functional spaces of kitchens and bathrooms. Not only can the use of colour help effectively differentiate and zone large areas such as an open-plan kitchen, but it can also be used as a cost-effective design tool to add richness and vibrancy to a space.

Importantly, colour plays a pivotal role in shaping the overall feel of a space. We often associate different colours with certain emotions. For example, orange can be associated with happiness, red with vigour and pink with romance.But understandably, all these colour choices can lead to confusion, and worse, result in a poor design.

So, here are a few tips for going bold with colour:

1: Start small – the bathroom or ensuite is an ideal place to begin experimenting with colour. Consider incorporating coloured floor, wall or bath tiles and accessories.

2: Mix & match
– don’t be afraid to mix varying patterns and materials. Sticking to the one texture can result in a lack of warmth, so think about the balance of colour and how you can add contrast to a space through your choice of fixtures, fittings and flooring.

3: Varying hues
– If you do opt to use the one colour, ensure you play with different tonal hues and shades to create texture and warmth. You can incorporate varying hues in upholstery, furniture, artwork and accessories such as pillows and vases.

4: Don’t overdo it!
– getting the balance of colour and materials is essential. Consider mixing ‘warm’ colours such as orange and red with ‘cool’ blues. Overloading a space with colour can make it appear smaller.

Don’t know where to start? Contact us on 1300 662 838 to make sure you choose the right colour for your next renovation. You can also get our advice guide for more ideas and tips about your renovation.

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