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Grout Cleaning Tips


Cement Grout is the most widely used form of grout. Others are available, but due to its ease of application, price and quality it is easily the most popular. Cement Grout is available in a range of designer colours. It is generally really easy to clean, unless there is a high foot traffic area or the area has high moisture with poor ventilation.

When it come to cleaning, most of it is simply common sense. If you leave  the grout dirty for long stretches of time, it will stain. Just like if you let a coffee stain sit in your white shirt. The longer you leave it, the tougher it is to get out. The easiest way to keep your grout looking brand new is to clean it regularly. That being said, these thing happen and we want to give you advice on which cleaners to use, and which to avoid.

The best way to clean cement grout is with mild detergent type soap, and a micro-fibre cloth. Any mild detergent/cleaner bought from a supermarket will do the trick, use with a microfiber cloth and some elbow grease.  Handy Andy, Sugar soap (diluted), Teepol, Spray & wipe etc are all acceptable products to use.

When choosing a cleaner, make sure the cleaner does not have acidic cleaner, hydrochloric acid, or vinegar as these are all classified as acidic cleaners & eat away at the grout making them more porous and easily stain-able. Undoing all of your hard work.

Also avoid any cleaners that are oily. Make sure there is no lanolin or mineral turps in the cleaning solution as this will coat the grout, locking the stain/dirt in, and making it harder to clean.

Happy cleaning!

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