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How to avoid renovation decision making fatigue

With every renovation project comes endless possibilities, literally. There are thousands of materials, fixtures and fittings available, not to mention design layouts, smart solutions and colour options on hand to include in your home renovation. It’s a daunting process and you can quickly feel burnt out with decision fatigue before your reno has even started, however we can assure you that having your dream renovation come to life is well worth the initial overwhelm when you’ve made the right choices.

The initial decision-making process may start out as exciting but can quickly become a chore, so to help keep the excitement alive we’ve collated our top tips on how to avoid renovation decision fatigue making the whole process a lot easier.

Don’t compromise functionality over aesthetics

It’s not impossible to have a space that is both functional and stylish however when push comes to shove functionality should always come before aesthetics. Functionality is super important in ensuring your home is compatible with your living situation and can change the way you live for the better.

The kitchen and bathroom are two spaces where functionality should be at its peak. For example, everyone wants an island in their kitchen and while they look great and are very practical, if your kitchen space doesn’t allow you to walk comfortably around it then don’t compromise on functionality by including one.

This is where your interior designer will come in and work with you in the design and selection stage to make sure your home includes a functional design with plenty of smart features. Ensuring you have functionality front of mind at all times will help when it comes to decision making.

Save when you can and splurge only when you can

At the early stages of your project when establishing a budget is a good time to work out areas you would be happy to show restraint and save money on and what’s on your ‘must have’ list that you’re prepared to splurge on. Include your interior designer in your budget discussions to allow them to advise on where extra expenses could arise based on you must haves.

In the research phase it will be inevitable to get tempted by high-end options and it does sometimes pay to invest in high-quality fixtures and fittings if you want to maximise your return however don’t stray too far away from your budget. Your interior designer will be able to advise where you should or shouldn’t compromise your budget.

Get advice from the experts

Engaging with a full turn-key renovation company is the best way to ensure you get expert advice from the very beginning, right through to the final decision, allowing you to make informed decisions across the whole renovation.

A full turn-key renovation company means you will receive advice from a whole team of specialists such as an interior designer and project manager who will give you their expert opinion. They will work with you to narrow down choices based on your brief and budget and help you make informed decisions in a systematic way. Having a team of experts at your disposal is great for reno decision fatigue because it means the decision making isn’t left solely up to you.

Create a Pinterest board

 Almost anyone will tell you that when deciding to renovate the first place you should start is by getting inspired before you engage with an expert. Renovation decision fatigue is likely to hit hard when it comes to the selection stage which is where a Pinterest board will be extremely valuable.

Put together a Pinterest board that displays everything that needs to be included in the room as well as images that showcase your preferred style and the beauty of an interior designer is that they will take one quick look at the board, identify a theme instantly and know how to turn it into a reality. Having this board will also streamline the decision-making process and in turn decreasing fatigue.

Our award-winning team of experts know how to help you avoid decision fatigue. Book in your FREE video consultation to ensure you get the right advise and expertise on your renovation project from the beginning.

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