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How To Choose Your Kitchen Design and Style

The best kitchen designs are the ones that capture your style, your current and future needs, and fits into your lifestyle, as well as the rest of your home. Achieving the perfect result can be a balancing act, as you weigh up your kitchen priorities. So If you’re wondering how to choose a kitchen style and nail your design then you’ve come to the right place. 

Choosing a kitchen renovation style requires a heavy dose of inspiration and trusted guidance from the experts. In this blog, we will show you how to choose the perfect kitchen style for you. And because we love delighting you with our kitchen designs, we will also introduce you to four distinct styles that suit any lifestyle! – Urban, Coastal, Modern Elegance, and Hotel Lux. Ready to find out which one is for you?

Begin by Getting Inspired

The best kitchen designs and styles are easier to recognise with your eyes than through words: You know it when you see it, and the imagery that inspires you most can often surprise you. 

To choose the perfect kitchen renovation style, we recommend you begin by browsing through Style Sourcebook.

In this Melbourne-born platform, you will find thousands of beautiful real-life mood boards for inspiration. The great thing about Style Sourcebook is that it allows you to create your own mood board complete with different colour schemes, products, and finishes that inspire you through a simple drag and drop interface.

So, grab yourself a cuppa and enjoy the pleasure of browsing through beautiful images. Save the ones that resonate with you the most until you’re ready to create your own. Having a mood board ready will help you and your designer begin to communicate the direction you want to take on your renovation journey.

Four Kitchen Renovation Styles to Suit Every Home

There are so many different kitchen renovation styles out there to choose from, the world really is your oyster. But this statement should be taken with a grain of salt – 17+ years of experience has shown us that not all styles and features are created equal. What’s more, we can confidently say that some styles cannot be beaten for their simplicity, sheer beauty, and functionality. And those are the ones worth considering. 

The features that are essential to achieving a superb kitchen renovation can be distilled down to four main kitchen styles to suit any home. With the help of our award-winning renovation team, your role is to unleash your creativity and customise your design until it feels like you. 

Urban Kitchen Style

Urban kitchens provide a simple yet beautiful environment for efficient modern living. So easy to live in, super durable, timeless in aesthetics, yet punchy, an Urban kitchen feels at home in any home.

With a pared-back aesthetic, an Urban kitchen can be styled in infinite ways, with a streamlined design that leaves room for self-expression. Because it’s airy and open, Urban fits with most spaces. So if you love contemporary design, are renovating to sell, or planning to sell your home in five to ten years, then Urban might be just what you need.

See more of our Urban Kitchens here.

Modern Elegance Kitchen Style

Our Modern Elegance kitchens blend the homely feeling of traditional designs with modern elements for a timeless look. With an elegant and sophisticated aesthetic, Modern Elegance kitchens utilise the best features of classic designs to create a contemporary space to suit any home.

If you love the traditional shaker style or crave that Hamptons feel, then Modern Elegance might be what your home needs.

See more of our Modern Elegance Kitchens here.

Coastal Kitchen Style

We’ve created Coastal kitchens to bring relaxed seaside vibes into your home all year round.

Soothing pastel colours, textural terrazzo and blonde timbers evoke the breathtaking beauty of nature. To accentuate this connection to Mother Nature, we included organic curves that add softness to the space for the ultimate beach retreat at home. 

If you love the idea of beach holiday vibes right at the heart of your home, then Coastal might be the style for you.

See more of our Coastal Kitchens here.

Hotel Lux Kitchen Style

Hotel Lux kitchens are all about indulgence meeting functionality. Hotel Lux combines state-of-the-art technology with timeless finishes to deliver a kitchen experience that will meet your every need with ease. With a show-stopping natural stone at the heart of this design, we created this space for those wanting an unforgettable kitchen experience. 

If you want to take your daily routines to the next level, then a Hotel Lux kitchen might be your style. 

See more of our Hotel Lux kitchens here.

Enlist the Professionals

Whether you’re still unsure about which style is right for you or your mind is made up, and you’re ready to take the leap, now is the perfect time to have a chat with one of our kitchen renovation experts at smarter BATHROOMS +.

To begin your renovation journey, give us a call today on 1300 662 838 to book your FREE Virtual Consultation to discuss your kitchen renovation with an Interior Designer. 

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