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How to compromise on design decisions set to divide a household

Bathrooms have become unique spaces in our homes. Some people use their time in them to prepare for the day ahead, while others prefer to unwind in a steaming bath at the end of a long day. We all want these spaces to be beautiful and calming, a retreat from the daily hustle and bustle. And, like with everything in life, we all have different tastes as to what that might look like.

How do you compromise when you and your partner clash over patterned tiles versus plain tiles, or whether to install a second basin to navigate your morning routines better? We’ve come up with solutions to some of the key design decisions that tend to divide a household.

Basin time

Is there anything more luxurious than the feeling of having your own bathroom basin? No more accidentally elbowing your partner as you brush your hair, or having to wait to brush your teeth. The only problem? Your partner gets squeamish watching you floss your teeth and prefers to get ready alone.

The compromise

If your partner needs privacy, then it’s important to respect their wish and renegotiate how much time you each get allocated in the morning, so both parties are happy. Alternatively, install double basins with enough room between each basin to ensure you both have your own sense of personal space. You could even install separate mirrors instead of one communal one, so you get the best of both worlds.

Patterned tiles

Are you tempted to break free of the simple design schemes that have dominated bathrooms in recent years but worry you won’t be able to pull it off? What if your partner doesn’t get it?

The compromise

Tiles are versatile – you can play with not only patterned tiles but the placement and configuration of plain tiles. Create a feature wall using plain white tiles in a herringbone pattern rather than a bold patterned tile. Or make a statement using a mixture of tiles half way up the wall, complemented with a decorative wallpaper above. Wallpaper has come a long way – now there is a variety of patterns and colours available, and with the introduction of waterproof wallpaper, the options for placement within the bathroom space are endless. And the best thing of all? This material is easy to install, so you can freshen up the look with other wallpaper designs if you change your mind.

Coloured basins

You may have seen the colourful basin trends showcased at the design week in Milan and fallen in love with the statement a coloured or natural stone basin makes in a bathroom. It’s a bold choice, a reasonable investment and your partner has already grumbled about the possibility of toothpaste stains and quick moving trends.

The compromise?

If you can’t commit to a unique basin or get your household on board with the idea, keep the basin white! Instead, invest in the vanity unit to create the desired statement around the basin. Consider coloured tapware and cabinets — most of our favourite brands are available in a variety of alternative colours to the traditional bright chrome of old,  and will provide the lift you are looking for.


Now you can confidently move forward with your bathroom renovation armed with the knowledge of how to negotiate key decisions with the other people in your household.

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