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How to create an ergonomic bathroom in 7 simple steps!

Efficiency and comfort are paramount within your bathroom design, but it’s not always easily achieved as the overall aesthetic of the space often takes top priority. That’s why we have collated 7 simple design tips that will ensure your bathroom is just as functional as it is stylish.

Know what vanity height works for you

There is always great consideration into the length of your vanity to ensure it fits within the space, has adequate storage and so on. However the height of the vanity unit is just as important! The standard height for bathroom vanities is 850mm, and this is a great place to start when deciding on the height of your unit. But customizing the height will be the best way to establish the most comfortable height to suit your individual needs.

Just keep in mind if you are raising your vanity above the standard height to always consider your basin. If it’s an undermount basin then your vanity will remain unaffected, but if you have a top mount basin then you want to take this additional height into consideration to avoid having your basin at an uncomfortable lofty level.

Consider the position of your shower mixer

When turning on the water in your shower, do you have to squish to one side to avoid getting drenched by freezing cold water? If you answered yes, this is often a result of a common design flaw, where the shower mixer has been positioned either too close to the shower head or directly beneath it. The best and safest place to position your shower mixer is on the opposite wall to the shower head (if your layout permits it) or away from the shower head to avoid getting wet when warming up the shower.

Recess your mirrored shaving cabinet

Including a mirrored shaving cabinet above your bathroom basin can easily lead to bumps to the head particularly when the doors remain open while someone is leaning over the basin. One simple solution to avoid this is by ensuring your shaving cabinet is recessed into the wall, which will allow for plenty of clearance even when the cupboard doors are open – which means no more nasty bumps!

Cupboards are out, drawers are in

This clever inclusion is one of the smartest storage solutions you can implement in your bathroom particularly when storage is tight. Ergonomically, it makes a lot more sense to open your drawer and see the contents at a glance as opposed to searching endlessly for your items in the back of a dark cupboard. Not to mention, think about how much easier it is to clean drawers!

Drawers are customisable, available in an endless array of widths, heights and depths to best suit your storage needs. Clever storage inserts are also available, from bins, to laundry hampers and dividers, to ensure you can maximize your storage opportunities. As a side note – when selecting your vanity material be sure to select cabinetry and benchtop finishes that can withstand high humidty levels.

Design with cleaning in mind

A beautiful bathroom won’t stay beautiful if it’s impossible to clean! Including freestanding furniture will make it easier to mop and clean the floors and when selecting your tiles and benchtop materials consider how susceptible they are to stains and the level of cleaning required. A pattern or texture through the material will always disguise everyday dust and grime which is always good to avoid painstaking daily cleaning, which is always good for your sanity.

Wet V’s Dry

To ensure your bathroom is a safe and comfortable space try to keep your wet and dry zones separate in your bathroom space. One very important consideration that often gets overlooked is the location of your towel rail. Position your towels within easy reach of your shower or bath, rather than placing them on the other side of the room. This will keep the bathroom safe from excess water dripped throughout the space.

Think about heating

Heating may not be the most important when designing your bathroom, however with a cold Melbourne winter fast approaching it certainly goes a long way to maximizing comfort. Inclusions such as heated towel rails, ceiling heat lights and underfloor heating are well worth considering when designing your bathroom.

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