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How to master kitchen lighting

When you consider the amount of time you spend in your kitchen, it makes sense to ensure you light it effectively. Your kitchen performs many functions, and so needs a range of flexible lighting options. Here are our top tips for using lighting to maximise your kitchen’s appeal and functionality.

Task lighting

The most important lighting in any kitchen is the lighting over essential work areas. It is this task lighting is what will make meal preparation a joy or a nightmare on your eyes. Make sure you allow for cooktops, sinks and preparation areas to have dedicated lighting separately controlled from any general lighting in the kitchen. Flush-mounted fixtures are great for pinpointing multiple areas without seeming obtrusive.

Remember, your kitchen is first and foremost a functional space, so plan carefully, consider your high-use areas and light them well.

Overhead cabinetry lighting

This is a great way to lift the overall ambient light in your kitchen without filling the ceiling with light fixtures. It’s particularly useful if the configuration of your kitchen inhibits overhead task lighting in some areas. LED lighting strips are perfect for this task as they take up little space underneath shelving and cabinetry and provide bright and even lighting to your work surfaces.

Overhead cabinetry lighting also gives you more control over the mood of your kitchen, which can make a world of difference if you home is open plan and you don’t want the glare of your kitchen overhead lights interrupting your tv viewing.

Feature pendant lighting

If you have an island bench or a central dining table in your kitchen/dining area, you have the perfect opportunity to have an impressive feature pendant light take pride of place. A well-chosen pendant can define your kitchen and give it true character, whether you want something traditional or urban and industrial. Pendant lighting is great for creating an intimate mood over a bench or table, helping that particular area of a large kitchen feel a little more cosy.

The trick is to find something that matches the style of your home. Pendant lights can be grand and eye catching, or they can be sleek and contemporary, and choosing the right number can make huge difference. Our expert design team can help determine whether you’ll need one large feature pendant or perhaps a number of smaller pendant lights.

Light to entertain

It’s true, the best parties often end up in the kitchen, so it’s a good idea to ensure your lighting isn’t only bright and functional. Having the ability to choose how your kitchen is lit at different times can really help set the tone of your gatherings.

When it comes to entertaining, you might want to include softer lights for a cosier mood. This is usually best achieved by positioning lights under the cabinetry shining from the toe kick onto the ground instead of shining directly into the space. Dimmers are also a great solution and really allow you to control the level of lighting exactly how you want it.

The benefit to planning your softer entertainment lighting? When you turn on your bright task lights, everyone knows it’s time to go home!

Natural light

As well as the placement of electric lights when planning a kitchen renovation, there’s also the opportunity to change the amount of natural light that flows into your space. Renovating an older home might give you the opportunity to install a new window or at the very least, make a small window larger.

Adding a skylight also makes a huge amount of difference. However you approach it, always consider the natural lighting in relation to your overall lighting scheme, making sure you distribute your other lighting accordingly.

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