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It’s so hard to get out of the shower on these cold mornings! How to heat your bathroom.

Heating in bathrooms.

As it’s starting to truly get cold at night and our days are getting shorter our minds turn to heating. In a bathroom there are a few options that can make a huge difference to our comfort in a typically cold room.

Underfloor heating can be installed when starting a major renovation. The flooring is removed and the heating service is installed before the waterproofing and new flooring laid. Stepping onto warm tiles on a 4°C morning can really make that transition from shower back out into the cold so much easier.

IXL Tastic lights are a heat, light and ventilation combination that provides a warm radiant heat as well as light. The heat bulbs produce a warm yellow light and send heat downwards while there is also a regular light fitting that can be used when the extra heat is not necessary. They have come a long way in terms of energy efficiency and are great for short term heating.

Heater panels like those available from NOBO and Levanté are slim and unobtrusive as well as less expensive than underfloor heating, sitting anywhere between 5-15 cents per hour to run. You simply pick the size that is appropriate for the room and install it to a space of wall that is central so as to distribute the heat evenly. Most brands come with a wall bracket that just screw onto the wall over or near a point then the heater is attached and plugged in.

One of the most cost effective and simple heating options is a headed towel rail. You can buy models that simply screw into the existing wall and the plug in though a regular 240 volt socket this requires little preparation or work. If you are already renovating, we would suggest a hardwired towel rail. These are mounted onto the wall much like the other style, but it is then wired into the electrical system so that you can turn on the rail at the same point that you turn on the light and there is no ugly electrical cord and socket on your beautiful new wall. These give you a lovely warm towel but do not heat the rest of the room.

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