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5 Kitchen Styles To Inspire Your Upcoming Renovation

When it’s time to renovate your kitchen, inspiration and trusted guidance from the experts can make all the difference. The key to ending up with a new kitchen that you will love now and into the future is ensuring you consider your taste, your current and future needs, and the style to fit into your lifestyle and the rest of your home. 

To help you find a style that works for you, we’ve gathered our five most popular kitchen styles in one place. Each one offers a unique take on functionality and design, so we’re sure you’ll find something that feels right for you! Ready to find out which style is your perfect match? Read on.

5 Kitchen Renovation Styles to Fall In Love With

Pulling inspiration from popular kitchen designs is a great way to discover your style. By exploring tried and tested designs, you’ll be able to start piecing together which features, colour schemes and finishes speak to you the most. Choose the one that speaks to you, and with the help of our award-winning designers, embark on a journey to create a space that reflects your personal style!



Urban Style

The Urban style is a minimalist kitchen design that will always be on-trend. With a pared-back aesthetic, an Urban kitchen can be styled in infinite ways, with a streamlined design that leaves room for self-expression.

You could say that the basic elements that characterise this style are sleek lines, smooth doors and clean edges – but because of how versatile this design is, Urban isn’t a single ‘look’ – in fact, it’s more about creating a blank canvas for your own personal touch.

An Urban kitchen often features handleless doors in a variety of finishes and colours, from smooth matt to high gloss surfaces. Add to this the choice of colours and textures for benchtops, appliances and accessories, and you have an almost infinite range of possibilities for creating your dream kitchen.

Because it’s open and airy, Urban fits with most spaces, being the perfect choice for modern open-plan living, where you can create the look of one continuous space, and your kitchen becomes part of the living area.

If your idea of a beautiful interior space includes clean lines, refined materials and a touch of modernism, then Urban is the route for you.

Modern Elegance Style

The Modern Elegance kitchen style provides timeless charm by marrying traditional design with modern features. Similar to the popular Hamptons style, a Modern Elegance kitchen makes use of natural materials, classic shapes and plenty of natural light.

There are no hard-fast rules when it comes to creating the perfect  Modern Elegance kitchen, however, you can achieve this look by selecting shaker-style cabinetry, hand-made look tiles and stainless steel appliances. To finish off this timeless look, add an island bench for extra space and practicality, and don’t forget about lighting! This is a look that’s meant to be bright and light, so make sure you include plenty of natural light in your design.

If you’re more into the farmhouse look, you can add a butler’s sink to your design, as well as include plenty of natural materials and reclaimed furniture to infuse the space with a rustic feel. When it comes to choosing splashbacks, the classic white subway tile is particularly popular in this style of kitchen.

For a more Hamptons-style kitchen, the most popular look includes warm timber finishes and a white or neutral colour palette paired with coastal decor. The Hamptons style suits Australian homes across the board, but it works particularly well in coastal properties or if you want your home to feel like an oasis amidst the hustle and bustle of city life.

Coastal Style

The coastal look has been growing in popularity throughout the years, perhaps because its relaxed and tranquil appearance allows you to bring seaside vibes into your kitchen all year round.

There are many elements that make up a coastal kitchen design, but we’ll start with the basics. Terrazzo is an ideal flooring material for a coastal design because it’s made of cement and marble, so it has a textured look and feel to it that is reminiscent of the beach.

In addition to terrazzo, Coastal kitchens often incorporate natural elements such as wood, stone and metal in their designs and often include plenty of natural lighting to create a warm environment.

To add to the welcoming atmosphere, we recommend you incorporate an island with seating so you can gather around facing each other – creating an inviting atmosphere.

Scandi Style

The Scandinavian style is defined by the minimalist and clean lines that are often found in Nordic furniture and design. The overall aesthetic is one of simplicity, with a strong focus on function. As far as kitchen styles go, it’s perfect for anyone who enjoys a practical and functional design approach to their home.

The Scandinavian kitchen is often defined by the use of natural timber as an important part of the kitchen’s overall design. In order to achieve this look, you should definitely go for wooden cabinetry, with wooden floors and natural stone benchtops to add to the organic aesthetic. This can be contrasted with white walls and a range of grey or white tones throughout your kitchen – think off-white tiles, crisp blue dishware, light grey cabinets and more.

Doing this creates a real Scandinavian feel that works well for anyone who loves modern Scandinavian design.

Luxury Kitchen 

The luxurious kitchen reflects the pleasure of a well-appointed space with flawless finishes and convenient upgrades. Although luxurious kitchens can have different looks, most have common features, such as premium appliances, lush materials, and state-of-the-art technology.

In this type of kitchen, every detail is carefully considered to be aesthetically pleasing and highly functional, with items placed so that they are easily accessible and provide an overall sense of comfort and luxury. Designed to surprise and delight, a luxurious kitchen is full of special features that make your life easier. Aromas waft from the built-in espresso machine, and a fully stocked wine cellar provides a private place for you to enjoy your favourite vintage with friends.

A roomy island brings together the family for breakfast or lunch made from fresh ingredients from the nearby garden. If a luxurious kitchen is what you desire, then begin by considering these points when designing your kitchen space.

A Trusted Renovations Partner

Whichever direction you choose, make sure it feels like you.  Think about how you and your family use your kitchen on a daily basis and determine what style is suited to your lifestyle and your personal taste.  

Whether you’re still unsure about which style is right for you or your mind is made up, and you’re ready to take the leap, now is the perfect time to have a chat with one of our experts at smarterBATHROOMS+ +. To begin your renovation journey, give us a call today at 1300 662 838 to book your FREE In-Home Consultation to discuss your kitchen renovation with an interior designer in your home. 

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