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6 Kitchen Renovation Trends to Look Out for in 2022

If you plan to renovate your kitchen in 2022 and want to know what’s trending, then you’ve come to the right place.

Our expert Interior Designers Ellen Thomas and Tintin Christina share their insights on what’s hot right now in kitchens, so you can get inspired for your 2022 renovation. Read on to discover the latest trends in kitchen renovations!

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Reimagining the Kitchen

In 2022 we will continue to see an emphasis on multifunctional kitchens, a trend born during the pandemic when our kitchens had to double up as classrooms and office spaces. “Since then, kitchens more than ever have become the centre of the home where we work, socialise and relax,” says Ellen.

But according to Ellen, there will also be a shift toward more flexible living. “By spending so much time in the kitchen together, we’ve learned that as much as we valued shared time with our families, we also need to allow ourselves some privacy,” says Ellen. “This doesn’t mean we want to isolate the kitchen from the rest of the home, rather create flexible zones for privacy and serenity,” Ellen adds.

We will see more designated areas within the kitchen to devote to studying, reading or working. “For example, you could install a built-in desk with shelves in your kitchen, a perfect spot to display your cookbooks and check your email while you enjoy your morning coffee,” Ellen says.

Restoring the Balance

As kitchens increasingly serve as multipurpose spaces, more people are interested in creating a kitchen space focused on simplicity. “In 2022, efficient and uncluttered kitchens are trending,” says Tintin Christina, Interior Designer at smarter BATHROOMS+.

“People are really taking the time to discuss in detail the mundane issues involved in designing their kitchens, like where kitchen essentials are best stored, where small appliances should be kept when not in use, and how many power points they need,” points Tintin.

“In 2022, kitchens will focus on efficiency, so we’ll be seeing streamlined designs everywhere,” Tintin adds.

The Rise of The Breakfast Pantry

According to Ellen Thomas, Interior Designer, in 2022 a breakfast pantry will be highly coveted in kitchens, due to its efficient use of space.

This type of pantry includes a shelf for storing breakfast appliances like coffee machines and toasters, as well as u-shape shelves and lower drawers for storing food staples.

“The great thing about a breakfast pantry is that when it is closed, it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the cabinetry, resulting in a streamlined apperance ” explains Ellen.

Cabinetry in Colours

The way we use colour is becoming freer and bolder. “Once reserved for splashbacks and accent walls, colour has taken over kitchen cabinets in 2021 continuing into 2022,” says Tintin.

“The trend of moving away from the all-white kitchen continues because people want to infuse their spaces with personality, to make them their own,” Tintin adds.

According to our Interior Designers, it’s clear that colour is here to stay, with the most popular colours being calming hues of green and blue inspired by nature. Green was the colour of choice for kitchens in 2021 and will continue to be so in 2022.

“Perhaps because it’s so closely associated with new beginnings, it’s forecasted to be the most popular colour for kitchens in 2022,” says Tintin.

Slab Splashback

Stone splashbacks are a hot trend in kitchen renovations. “Many clients want clean, modern looks for their kitchens and slab splashbacks help achieve a smooth look, compared to the grout lines of a tiled splashback,” says Ellen.

She recommends pairing this type of material with matching benchtops for an eye-catching and timeless look. “While stone tends to be more expensive than, for example, a tiled splashback, it’s worth the investment for its durability, beauty and timeless appeal,” Ellen adds.

Nostalgic Look and Sustainability

You can expect to see an increased interest in farmhouse and vintage look. “Both styles really tap into nostalgia to create a homely, lived in, and cosy environment with the most popular features being profiled doors, metallic accents in aged brushed brass and gold, and charming farmhouse sinks,” says Tintin.

“There’s also an increased interest in introducing 70’s vibes to the kitchen, with vibrant colours hues of lilac and blue making a comeback, and teak wood tones and highly textured fabrics also vying for our attention,” Tintin adds.

Stay True to You

If all these kitchen trends got you inspired but a bit overwhelmed, don’t worry. Kitchen trends are simply guidelines meant to inspire creativity.

At the end of the day, what’s important is that your kitchen reflects your needs, taste, and personality. A great kitchen, no matter which style, should feel like a space designed just for you—even if it’s considered outside the bounds of what’s currently “on-trend.”

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