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5 Must-Have Upgrades to Create The Perfect Kitchen

You’re starting a kitchen renovation – congratulations! Renovating your kitchen is an amazing opportunity to customise your space to your unique needs, to create the perfect kitchen for you!

If you’re wondering what upgrades are worth spending on to tailor your space for you and your family, we’re here to help. Our Interior Designers share their favourite kitchen upgrades, so you can make the most of your kitchen renovation. Are you ready to create your perfect kitchen? Read on!

Drawers and Pullouts

Have you ever felt the frustration of needing to get ten things out of the way, just so you can reach that one item at the back of a cupboard? You’re not alone. Although most people know it’s important to keep the kitchen organised, they tend to greatly underestimate the role drawers can play in helping achieve this goal. As a result, most kitchens don’t include nearly enough drawers, leading to frustrating scenarios like the one we’ve just described.

To facilitate access to your everyday kitchen essentials, we recommend including as many drawers as possible in your design. Yes, drawers might be a bit more expensive when compared to cupboards, but they are totally worth it if you value comfort and practicality. For example, storing the heavier items in the top drawers means you won’t have to bend down to reach them. Furthermore, having drawers in your pantry will put an end to the endless mess and clutter food cupboards tend to generate. And these are just some of the ways drawers can improve your kitchen experience.

Just like their close cousins the drawers, pullouts are a fantastic way for storing those on-demand items when you are cooking such as oils, spices & condiments. Having a pullout installed means no need to run back and forth to your pantry when cooking, as the best spot for these is right next to your cooktop!

Coastal Kitchen Display - Burwood East Showroom

Breakfast Pantry

If space permits, an appliance pantry or breakfast pantry is an upgrade worth considering. An appliance pantry has lower shelves for your breakfast appliances like the coffee maker and toaster, u-shaped shelves for your pantry essentials, and plenty of modern drawers to store food and other items.

When open, it acts as a small brekky station, and when closed, it blends in seamlessly with the rest of the cabinetry. If you love entertaining, a breakfast pantry makes for a show-stopping kitchen when hosting, as it keeps the space looking clean and uncluttered. If you decide that a breakfast pantry is right for your home, you might want to consider adding bi-fold or pocket doors when possible to maximise space.

Space Tower

The space tower is another amazing pantry-organising solution that maximises vertical space in your kitchen while minimising the amount of floor space it occupies. This type of pantry maximises space by utilising internal drawers instead of shelves to house your food items, so everything stays within reach and easy to find. 

This clever space-saving mechanism is perfect for smaller kitchens where you need to make the most of what little storage you have.  If you love a fresh and clean space, the space tower also helps keep things neat behind the scenes, making it the perfect upgrade for those bothered by visual clutter.

Hotel Lux Kitchen - Burwood East Showroom

Feature splashback

The splashback is one of the hardest-working but also most visually prominent elements of your kitchen, so it’s an item definitely worth splurging on. Being in the spotlight, splashbacks offer a brilliant opportunity to create a decadent focal point in your kitchen.

If you want the splashback to be a talking point of your kitchen, a natural stone or reconstituted stone splashback always looks striking. There’s nothing quite like the sophisticated glamour of stone.

But before you decide on your splashback material, it’s worth keeping in mind that this is an area of the kitchen that’s prone to gathering grease and grime, so you want to keep it easy to clean. So keep in mind that natural stone is porous and needs to be sealed to keep it from absorbing stains. Reconstituted stone, like Caesarstone on the other hand, is a hardier option against stains. 

Urban Kitchen - Burwood East Showroom

Integrated Appliances

The kitchen has experienced a tremendous transformation in the past decades when it comes to form meets function. Today’s appliances are not only more powerful and efficient, but they’ve also found a way to blend seamlessly into the cabinetry to create a sleek look. And that’s why many homeowners are choosing fully integrated appliances for their streamlined, modern kitchens.

But it’s not only about the looks. Integrated appliances are a great upgrade when it comes to functionality too. For example, a free-standing fridge is big and bulky and requires an air gap between the appliance and cabinetry. If you have a tight kitchen, an integrated fridge can make better use of available space, by encasing the appliance within the cabinetry. This can make a big difference to the function of your space.

If all of these amazing inclusions have you excited about your upcoming kitchen renovation, we’re here to help! Our expert Interior Designers can work collaboratively with you to ensure all of the best options are included in your kitchen. To get started, call us today on 1300 662 838 to speak to one of our experts or book a FREE in-home consultation with our award-winning Interior Design team!

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