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Kitchens from the future: EuroCucina Milan trends 2018

The future of kitchens is evident after the debut of new — and old but modified — technological innovations on display at 2018 EuroCucina exhibition in Milan.

Kitchens have come a long way from being purely functional spaces and are now domestic hubs in which people connect. Many people start the day in the kitchen, sitting at the island bench with a cup of coffee or tea while catching up on the latest news or social media. They are places for socialising while preparing good food to share with friends and family.

This is being made easier by the advances manufacturers are making in kitchen technology. The displays at the Future Technology Kitchen section of EuroCucina showcased innovative designs that married aesthetically beautiful interior decor with functionality and high-tech appliances. In Milan, our smarterBATHROOMS+ expert, Vanessa Cook, discovered exciting new kitchen technology.

“Italian manufacturer, Smeg, are changing the stove cooktop game,” Vanessa says. “Gas is seen as old-fashioned, especially since the introduction of induction cooking. But no matter how popular inductions are, gas is still a favourite for many passionate home cooks because they feel they have more control. They can finesse the flame until the pan is at the perfect temperature.” So what’s the solution? “Smeg have introduced flat-top gas stoves, which look like induction cookware but serve the same function as gas: with new burner technology that allows the flame to be safer, more consistent, and reliable.”

Smeg also introduced the Blast Chiller — a freezer drawer featuring advanced scientific calibrations with different settings. “At 3°C, the machine will perform a ‘hard’ freeze, effectively keeping produce at out of the oven, in a safe and controlled way.” The Blast Chiller is a revolutionary addition to kitchen appliances. “It freezes food and minimises the ice crystallisations that can form on food when it’s been stored too long, or at the wrong temperature, and extends the longevity of frozen foods — this means food will taste better when you bring it out to thaw.”

While the kitchen small goods appliances were new and exciting, the moving kitchen displays impressed Vanessa the most. “Imagine your standard kitchen benchtop where you can prepare food while entertaining friends. Push a button and watch as the benchtop extends outwards, creating extra table space and revealing a sink with a pop-up tap and cooktop.”

“It’s a stunning concept and will change the way we entertain. When concealed, the space can act as an area to gather around, and when it is open, it will act as the kitchen island we know and love — where we can entertain friends and family while we cook for them.”

“Integrated tall cabinetry often complemented the moving kitchen displays,” Vanessa says. “At first glance, you couldn’t see any of the usual appliances or services that usually clutter a kitchen. Then you push a button and the cabinetry opens up to reveal a fridge, wall oven, the pantry — everything!

Talk to our experts at smarterBATHROOMS+ to find out how you can use innovative appliances, inspired by the ones on display at EuroCucina, in your kitchen renovations.

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