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Make Your Kitchen the Heart of Your Home – 5 Easy Tips

If someone were to ask you what is the most frequently used room of the home, it’s unlikely that it would be the living room where the television and comfortable seating is. It probably wouldn’t even be the bathroom. The answer to this question is most likely to be the kitchen.

Kitchens may originally have been intended to be the place where food is stored, cooked and prepared. But fast forward a few decades, and it is clear that the kitchen is becoming the epicentre of homes around the globe. It is the one room where many of the most cherished memories with friends and loved ones have been, and will be, made.

If you are looking for ways to turn your kitchen into the heart of your home, below are our tips on how you can do it.

Give Your Kitchen Some Personality

The most used kitchens are those that are comfortable and accommodating. If the “vibe” of the kitchen is off, then it may feel unwelcoming, even daunting, to your friends and family. Your kitchen should have a few items on show that express your personality and those within the home, such as empty wine bottles from your wedding day and framed artwork collected while you were overseas.

Carefully Plan Your Appliances

The appliances you choose should not only allow you to complete your day-to-day cooking and meal preparation tasks. They should also be strategically placed (ask us about the kitchen “working triangle”), and boast a design that supports the atmosphere you are trying to create with features that will make your life easier.

If you have young children, consider whether a wall oven is safer and more child friendly than an upright oven.

If you are looking for more bench space (who isn’t?) consider a built-in coffee maker.

If you love to cook, a double oven with a gas hob could be just right for you.

Create A Kitchen That Matches The Family Lifestyle

Look at the layout of the kitchen. Kitchen islands are one of the most in-demand requests we receive here at Smarter Kitchens. Not only does a kitchen island provide you with additional food preparation space, but it gives others a place to congregate while you cook and clean.

Consider The Colours

Kitchens do not need to have that classic warm and homey feel to be comfortable. The colours should not only match the colour scheme throughout the home, but they should also suit your family personality. For example, a classic white kitchen with yellow blinds would not suit a family who is into high tech gadgets and loves modern conveniences.

Focus On The Lighting

How you choose to illuminate the kitchen will have a huge impact on how welcoming it is to guests and residents. Kitchen lighting can be broken down into three categories:

• General lighting
• Task lighting
• Support lighting

General lighting is not targeted lighting, while task and support lighting are. Task lighting will be more intense and will make certain areas of the kitchen brighter (such as lighting under a cabinet or a pendant light over your kitchen island). Support lighting will work alongside task lighting, such as ceiling spotlights.

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