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Smart storage solutions to suit your home REVEALED!

If you want to maximise on your home’s storage potential, in addition to elevating the beautiful aesthetic of your home, then look no further than custom-made cabinetry.

Not only will custom-made cabinetry fit perfectly into your home to answer your storage needs, but will prove to be a smart long-term investment, as thoughtful storage design is highly sought after amongst buyers… Let face it you can never have too much storage!

It can be difficult to know where to start on your custom-made cabinetry journey, with an abundance of materials, colours and solutions available. Therefore, our design experts have revealed all you need to know before you invest in custom-made storage solutions to suit your home.

How will the cabinetry be used?

Before designing custom-made cabinetry it’s important to understand the desired function of your storage solution. Whether it be a floating TV storage unit to hide all of your electronic gadgets and cables, a book shelf to display your favourite books and prized possessions, a window seat to soak up the rays with a good book including hidden storage or an office desk to service your working from home needs. The function of the cabinetry as well as understanding how and who will be using it will influence a lot of the decisions you and your designer need to make along the way.

Choose your location wisely

You want to make sure your 100% on the location of your custom –made cabinetry because unlike freestanding furniture, once it’s installed there’s no going back. To help you decide where to install custom cabinetry, start by taking a look at the layout of your home – is there a spot where cabinets are easy to access and sit naturally within the space at the same time? Also consider what you’ll be storing in your cabinetry as then you’ll be able to understand the size of your required custom-made cabinetry.

Keep in mind that custom-made cabinetry is designed to suit any available space in your home. There are the obvious cabinetry solutions such as your bathroom vanity unit and kitchen cabinetry, but when it comes to custom-made cabinetry the options are countless. A study nook in the kitchen, a bench seat in the bedroom, floor to ceiling storage in the garage or the walk-in wardrobe of your dreams! The sky really is the limit!

Selecting the right finishes

There are an abundance of materials and finishes to choose from to best suit your needs. The best place to start is to speak to your designer to understand the materials that will suit your cabinetry needs and desired look. Keeping in mind not all materials will be suitable across all application, for example the bathroom vanity unit that’s exposed to moisture will have different considerations to a floor to ceiling built-in robe that needs to meet a particular height. Your designer will be able to advise on the best options and provide samples so you can see how it looks against other colours and textures in your existing room.

Always opt for drawers over cupboards

Get rid of the standard cupboard wherever you can! Drawers will give you far more usable storage space and will allow you to easily see all of your items when pulled out in front of you. They are the most ideal option particularly in spaces such as the kitchen, bathrooms and laundry where storage is key. Drawers also allow the option to add practical inclusions such dividers, spice racks and pull-out bins.

Are you ready to start on your custom-made cabinetry journey? Get in touch with our design experts today or call 1300 662 838.

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