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Space-Age Kitchens and Treehouse Toilets: What is the Future of Kitchen and Bathroom Design?

Arguably the two most important rooms in the house, the new generation of kitchen and bathroom designs are taking the meaning of futuristic to a whole new level. So what can we expect from our two favourite rooms in years to come?

Well, you can expect less. A lot less. Leading kitchen designers are basing their latest creations around the post-World War II art form, Minimalism. True to its definition, this essentially means that your new kitchen is reduced to only the bare essentials (in the most sleek and stylish way of course). Take US design company Minimal, for example. Their custom-made Italian kitchens are leading the way in dynamic design solutions.

And if you’re not already feeling good due to the reduced clutter in new your new kitchen, then you will after you realise it’s also eco-friendly. That’s right, sustainable kitchens are no longer just for hard-core hippies, with the latest innovations in kitchen design, sure to help you sleep at night.

Expect this type of sustainability in your bathroom too, with water saving technologies the new must-have when designing your next bathroom.  And don’t worry, if 30 second showers aren’t your thing, then perhaps try this clever design concept by Korean designer Jang Woo-Seok whereby your basin water becomes your toilet water. Just in case you weren’t aware, flushing perfectly good drinking water is so last year.

If the idea of reusing your dirty water freaks you out, then you definitely won’t be getting in line for an Australian owned Nature Loo. And yes, if you didn’t already guess by the name, it is a composting toilet. And no, it does not smell, contain chemicals, omit pollution or require pumps or water. Tempting?

Now this wouldn’t be a true representation of future designs without mentioning the new space-aged kitchens. If, when cooking, you like to pretend you are some kind of alien life-form at the helm of a UFO (each to their own) then check out this design by French designer Ora-Ito, together with global appliance company, Gorenje.

So whether you want to feel a million miles away in your space aged kitchen, or perhaps a little more down to earth on your compost toilet, the future of bathroom and kitchen designs are as diverse as the day is long.

If you would like to see how these futuristic designs translate into your life in Melbourne – call us on 1300 662 838 today or arrange free in-home consultation to explore your options.


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