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5 easy steps to making your kitchen the heart of your home

For many people, the kitchen is considered to be not just the most important room of the house, but actually the heart of the home. If you are one of these kitchen-loving people, but you’re struggling to help your kitchen live up to its true potential of being the epicentre of your home, read on.

A kitchen isn’t just a place to store food – it’s the place where the fuel for life is housed. It’s not just where food is prepped – it’s where crafty chopping takes place and magical marinades are made. It’s not simply a space for cooking – it’s a canvas where delectable, artistic creations are brought to life.

If you’re as passionate about your kitchen as we are, use these 5 top tips and you’ll be well on your way to allowing your kitchen to fulfil its destiny.


1. Give your kitchen some personality

In order for you to really enjoy your kitchen, it needs to feel like it’s well and truly yours. Bring some of your personality to the kitchen, whether it’s in the form of European, wooden cooking utensils in a beautiful homemade pot or having your favourite cookbooks on display.

2. Choose your appliances and features wisely

When it comes to designing the perfect kitchen, you must consider what you usually do in the space. If you’re a baker, for example, make sure you have plenty of space to make a floury mess and somewhere to put your mixer – and don’t forget to install an extra-large oven for those big Sunday baking sessions.

3. Match your kitchen to your lifestyle

Beyond having appropriate appliances and a fitting personality, your kitchen must be designed to align with your lifestyle so that you can get the most out of it. If you have kids, you could consider an easily-accessible breakfast bar to make mornings a little bit easier. If you always cook with your partner, make sure there’s enough space for the two of you to chop and stir together without bumping into each other.

4. Be colour-conscious

Most people have a favourite colour, or at least a preferred type of colour scheme when it comes to interior design. Make sure that when you pick out different elements of your kitchen’s design and decor, you are happy with the colours. More importantly, make sure that all the colours you pick are happy with each other.

5. Focus on lighting

The final element to consider, but by no means the least important, is light. A dark kitchen will never be the heart of your home, so ensure that the room is flooded with natural light in the daytime and warmly lit by modern light fixtures in the evening. Having a dimmer switch installed in your kitchen is a great idea – you’ll be able to fully light up the room to check if your chicken is cooked and then bring the lights down low to set the mood for a romantic dinner.

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