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Textural kitchen splashbacks – the latest trend

When it comes to kitchen design, we like to think of the splashback as the trendy accessory that finishes the outfit. At EuroCucina 2016 – the recent International Kitchen Design Fair in Milan – textural vertical surfaces were EVERYWHERE. As the easiest design element in the kitchen to change, the splashback is your obvious choice to bring this latest trend into your new space.

Creativity is (almost) unlimited with a splashback because it is relatively low weight, and doesn’t move or have a mechanical function. You only need something that is simple to clean and heat resistant. And in 5 years when you are a little tired of looking at goldfish scale tiles, (don’t laugh, they look INCREDIBLE) just take them off and try something new.

Customise your space

With simplicity in cabinetry finishes remaining so popular – such as the all-white kitchen – the splash-back is your opportunity to customise your space.

Tiles are now replacing glass in the kitchen as the latest trend to add texture and movement; they give you the biggest range of possibilities in colour, texture and cost.


Handmade tiles, mosaics or odd shapes add depth and unique interest as well as providing the much needed textural relief that will set your kitchen apart from the rest. And with quality tiles ranging from $30 to $1,000 per square metre, this is where you can control your budget depending on your choice.


We often have people hesitant to use tiles as they had problems keeping the grout clean in the past. The solution? Use an epoxy resin grout and you will never have to worry again – unlike cement based grouts epoxy is non-porous and cannot stain.

Get creative! Make a statement

Due to the nature of kitchen design, there are often no details at eye height. Bench-tops reach to waist height and overhead cabinetry is just that, overhead. The only thing at eye level in your kitchen is your splash-back. This is your opportunity to make the biggest visual impact!

Textural take

This home recently completed by Smarter Bathrooms + Kitchens in the leafy bayside suburb of Elwood extends typical textural boundaries tying the house into the suburb’s architectural history with the use of original raw red bricks as the kitchen’s splash-back as well as fireplace surrounds.

Be daring with your splash-back choice. It will require the least amount of design risk and you will get the biggest reward. Call us today on 03 8681 5603 to learn more about how we can help you design, build and complete your dream kitchen.

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