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The 5 most essential design inclusions every family friendly bathroom needs!

Do you often find your kids fighting over space in the family bathroom, struggling to find room for their items because there is not enough storage or just leaving the room in a complete mess? If  this sounds like you, we are about to make your life a whole lot easier.

Your family bathroom may be hectic and crowded but with smart design ideas that are tailored to your family’s needs it doesn’t have to be. A family bathroom should not only be functional, and cater for all ages but an enjoyable space too.

Our design ideas are essential in creating the ultimate family-friendly bathroom, to maximise the potential in one of the busiest zones in your home.


Large Mirrors are a must

It may sound simple, but a large mirror will prevent a lot of arguments in the bathroom. Any interior designer will tell you mirrors can instantly transform a space, reflect light and make it feel bigger. Creating the illusion of added space with an oversized mirror will allow for more than one person to get ready at any given time, proving to be particularly helpful during the morning rush.

Don’t be afraid to play with the variety of shapes available too – Soft squares and circular mirrors are really taking flight!

A double vanity is better than a single

Opt for a double vanity with double basins to add to the ease during the morning rush hour. When it comes to your vanity unit a floating vanity unit is our number one pick. Not only do they make a bathroom feel instantly bigger and uncluttered, but they also make the space super easy to clean — what more could you want?  One of our favourite bathroom inclusions is a fully formed bench top with integrated basin. Not only is it clean and streamlined, but it also makes for a beautiful design detail in a small bathroom space.

Make sure your tapware is family-friendly too especially if you have young children. Tapware with levers is a simple, easy to use inclusion.

Consistent, safe and easy to maintain finishes will go a long way

Matching floor and wall tiles especially a large format tile with fewer grout lines will add to the illusion of more space and will create a cohesive feel to the bathroom. Ensure your chosen floor tile is non-slip to avoid unwanted accidents in the bathroom –  this rules out gloss tiles on the floor. Natural Stone, Porcelain and Ceramic tiles are the best family-friendly options to protect both your kids and your flooring from falling into disrepair.

Not only do you need child-friendly surfaces in your bathroom, but you will also need surfaces that require as little maintenance as possible – no one has time for excessive cleaning. Another way to reduce the amount of cleaning required, is to extend your tiling reasonably high – remember to extend your tiling to 2100mm in the shower and if you are in the process of toilet training, tiling to at least 1200mm behind the toilet will soon be a life saver to avoid any water splashing on plaster walls.

Create zones within the bathroom

The layout of your bathroom needs to work for the size of your space available and the number of people who will be using it. For a family-friendly bathroom with multiple users separate the wet area into a zone at one end and the vanity unit in one zone on the other end.

There is no such thing as having too much storage

In a family bathroom try to maximize on as many storage opportunities as possible and if you’re working with a small space there are plenty of clever storage options available. Mirrored shaving cabinets are a great way to add more storage, can cleverly conceal power-points and can be recessed into the wall too. Another great option is a shower or bath niche one with extra depth and height to allow for family-sized product bottles and there’s the added bonus of not taking up any valuable room within your bathroom!

At smarterBATHROOMS+ we can help you make your family life a whole lot easier with a functional, stylish family-friendly bathroom. Call us on 1300 662 838 to start maximizing the potential of your family bathroom TODAY.

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