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The Butler’s Pantry: What You Need To Know

In the past, butler’s pantries could only be found in big houses, initially used for storing, cleaning and the counting of silver. It would frequently be inhabited by European butlers who had the duty to take care of the silver and keep it safely locked.

Today, butler’s pantries are present in many modern homes – but the European butlers are long gone! The purpose of a butler’s pantry has changed over the years, and now it stores serving items and kitchen appliances of all kinds. Often, the space is used to prepare small, quick dishes like snacks, canapés – or mixing drinks.

A butler’s pantry is an elegant solution when it comes to storing different types of kitchen-related items. However, creating such a space may not be as easy as it seems – you need to mix a practical sense with the aesthetics.

If you are interested in adding a butler’s pantry to your kitchen, here are a few useful tips:

  • Keep in mind the amount of space you need so that your butler’s pantry does not interfere with other elements, restrain access or occupy space uselessly.
  • Consider keeping the budget low. This is an area that will not be on display, so you can opt to reduce the costs of the materials you use.
  • When organising this area, consider the space needed for the appliances you use the most. After that, you can start evaluating the amount of space you need for other items.
  • Another idea is to extend the shelves up to the ceiling, and organising their content in terms of frequency of use.
  • This space can easily be kept out of reach simply by installing a sliding door. This is a practical solution, particularly as it doesn’t impede foot traffic. If space allows, you can have two doors: one that opens into the kitchen and one that connects it with other areas in the house.
  • Keep track of the products you put in your butlers’ pantry and make sure they don’t fall into places that are hard to reach. You can use special designs and shallow shelves to avoid this.
  • Lighting in your butler’s pantry is an important aspect. We recommend using a ‘micro switch’ (one that switches on the light when the door is opened), rather than a manual light switch.
  • You can personalise your butler’s pantry by using creative ideas and free wall space to hang different types of items, such as reusable shopping bags or plastic bags.

Butler’s pantries are extremely practical when it comes to hosting events or grabbing a quick snack, and could be a great, valuable addition to your kitchen.

Our friendly team at smarterBATHROOMS+ is ready to answer your questions about adding a butler’s pantry to your kitchen. Visit us at 77 Salmon St, Port Melbourne, VIC 3207 or call us today on 1300662838 to arrange an appointment.

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