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Who’s better – a builder or a bathroom pro?

Would you get your GP to perform heart surgery? What about just getting a builder to renovate your bathroom?

When considering a bathroom renovation, many people see the cost associated with a professional bathroom renovation company as prohibitive and believe the DIY or builder route will provide the better value option.

A bathroom renovation is one project that, unless you are very skilled (and trade registered), should be left to someone with experience. A bathroom renovation will generally involve more than seven different trades – finding a low cost, competent, available builder who is across all of these and can deliver you something you are happy with is also going to be difficult.

Let’s look at where a professional bathroom renovation company can deliver value to your renovation project beyond the basic price you will receive when gathering quotes.


Whether you are across all the latest trends or don’t know a mixer from a robe hook, a professional company will be able to translate your needs and wants into a realistic design.  They will also be quite up front about whether your budget is going to stretch to your vision. Luckily, they are also very adept at putting forward suggestions that can help you achieve the look you want in the most cost-effective way.    

With so many different bathroom products out there in the marketplace a professional designer will help narrow that range so you are not wasting time falling in love with a tile that is not suitable, available or affordable. Your Bathroom designer will able to deliver something that has impact – the WOW! Factor – whilst a builder will tend towards the ‘path of least resistance’ and give you the bathroom that is easiest for them to build.


A professional design company will document everything in specifications and drawings that all trades will use to ensure that the build matches the design vision. They will have experience in co-ordinating trades and will plan the project ahead so that it takes place seamlessly with little delay. Your project will have a scheduled start and end date, giving you peace of mind.

Project management

Having at least seven trades on site, most requiring multiple visits at different stages of the project in the smallest room in the house can be chaotic. A tight schedule can mean one trade’s work is going to have a serious impact on the next trade. The plumber’s rough-in impacts the carpenter’s work, which in turn impacts plastering, waterproofing and in turn tiling and so on… by that stage, it is too late to correct mistakes.

Professional project management keeps the team organised, co-ordinated and ensures each stage is observed for quality and timeliness. A project manager can keep you informed and updated with progress, removing doubt and stress often associated with renovations.


With a professional company all Plumbing, Electrical, Asbestos removal, Waterproofing, and Structural Building Works will be carried out by registered and/or licensed professionals. Building Code of Australia compliance and best of industry practice will be applied to ensure your bathroom is not only functional and beautiful but long-lasting and warrantied into the future.

The Unexpected

Renovations, due to their nature of working within an existing structure, throw the occasional unexpected curve ball. A professional renovation company will be there for you. They will quickly inform you of any issues that arise that are ‘off plan’. Your designer and project manager can advise the options that are available to overcome any issues. They can then amend plans and co-ordinate the required trades to ensure that the final result is not just a work-around but reads as if part of the original design.

The Process = The Experience = The End Result

A professional bathroom renovation company will have developed and perfected a wide range of processes through the course of many bathroom projects. They will have systems in place to improve the renovation experience for everyone. Who do you want working in your home… the grumpy, rude tradesperson who feels unsupported and is trying to build off poorly-prepared plans? Or the tradesperson who has clear documentation, instruction and management, and whose time is planned and appreciated? A bathroom renovation professional wants the process to be as good as the end product… and for you to tell your friends and family how enjoyable the process was and how happy you are with the end result.

Where is the argument?

Considering the number of steps, trades and different products involved and the fact that this one room is probably the most used space in the home by the most number of people, why risk the uncertainty of not using a professional bathroom renovation company?

Yes, the initial cost may be a little higher. But it’s much more likely to include everything, stay on schedule and be a better experience for you. The fact that the bathroom will look stunning is almost an added bonus!

At smarterBATHROOMS+ we can walk you through all of your bathroom renovation options and help you create a beautiful space that works really well for your family. Call us on 1300 662 838 to speak to one of our experts today.

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