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We love creating quality bathrooms and kitchens that change people’s lives, and we’ve been doing it for over 15 years. Our experienced interior designers, builders, project managers and financial experts are here to bring their award-winning touch to your home.

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Andrew Crawshaw

Owner, Design Director

Andrew’s in-depth knowledge of design, products and construction techniques makes him the ideal choice to represent Smarter Bathrooms+. Andrew is also frequently asked to speak at trade nights and published in magazines such as Houzz, Herald Sun Home Magazine and HIA Housing.

Andrew’s 15 years plus of experience within the industry is put to good use designing renovation projects for new and existing clients. As with all the smarterBATHROOMS+ Directors, Andrew maintains a hands-on approach.

Along with overseeing the design process, Andrew’s main focus is customer service. He strongly believes that the construction industry does not set high enough standards in this area and the basics of communication, honesty and respect are often missing. Andrew’s passion is reflected in the service smarterBATHROOMS+ provides.

In his spare time, Andrew enjoys surfing, swimming, sailing and spending quality time with his family and friends.


  • 2015 HIA Winner - Bathroom over $60,000
  • 2015 KBDi Winner - Victorian Bathroom Designer of the Year


  • Project management
  • Bathroom design of over 1,000 bathrooms


  • Bachelor of Engineering

Alex Heaton

Owner, Building Director

With a degree in Construction Management, Alex is passionate about making sure that all aspects of the renovation process go smoothly and are completed to the award-winning smarterBATHROOMS+KITCHENS standard.

Alex spends a large amount of time training and working with designers to make sure they are aware of the built environment in which they are designing.

As with the other directors, Alex adopts a proactive approach, carrying out building inspections before projects commence and working with the building team on site to make sure everything runs smoothly.

Outside of work Alex enjoys spending time with family and friends, cycling, coaching footy and travelling.


  • Project planning
  • Controlling and scheduling building projects


  • Construction Management
  • Structural Engineering
  • Registered Builder DBU 21244

Vanessa Cook

Design Manager

Vanessa is a vibrant designer and well-known within the industry. Her designs have been featured in numerous publications, including Houzz, Trends Magazine and Kitchen & Bathrooms Quarterly.

Vanessa’s success is due to her ability to listen to her clients, understand their needs and deliver tailored designs for them.

With over 20 years’ experience, Vanessa is familiar with detailed construction techniques, dealing regularly with the building team and assisting the design and drafting departments.

In her spare time, Vanessa spends as much time as possible travelling, visiting galleries and museums, walking her dog, and catching up with family and friends.


  • 2017 Winner KBDi Designer Large Bathroom VIC
  • 2017 Winner KBDi Bathroom Designer of the Year VIC
  • 2017 National Winner KBDi Australian Bathroom Designer of the Year AUS
  • 2015 HIA Runner Up – Bathroom Over $35,000
  • 2005 HIA Runner Up – Kitchen Designer Under $25,000
  • 2004 HIA Runner Up – Bathroom Designer Under $25,000
  • 2001 HIA Winner – Bathroom Design Under $20,000


  • Career Bathroom and Kitchen specialist
  • Design of over 2,000 projects
  • Colour and tile selection advice


  • Bachelor Of Arts
  • Associate Diploma of Interior Design

Kat Siketa

Bathroom + Kitchen Designer

With her early career firmly established in Customer Service, Kat is obsessive about creating the right solution for her clients. Her ten years plus experience in the cabinetry industry has established her as an expert in her field. Kat knows that if the details are all correct, the overall look and usability of the kitchen will be second to none. With literally thousands of kitchen designs to her name, she is thoroughly qualified to help design and specify your new pride and joy.

Kat is equally comfortable with the technical details of how the drawers and hinges work, to how the colours of the benchtop and cabinetry will integrate with the rest of your home.

We all benefit from her quiet, calm, thorough demeanour as her projects unfold into works of beauty and grace.

When she is not carefully bringing the most recent client brief to life, Kat is secretly hoping to meet Jon Bon Jovi or Dave Grohl. She also has a soft spot for cats.



  • 2017 Winner KBDi Designer Large Kitchens VIC
  • 2016 KBDi Finalist - Medium Kitchen


  • 10+ years in the kitchen + bathroom design Industry
  • Colour and tile selection advice


  • Experience in kitchen estimating, design and manufacturing
  • Experience in Interior Decorating

Steph O’Donohue

Bathroom + Kitchen Designer

Growing up with a builder and a building designer in her family, Steph was always passionate about the industry. Armed with experience in the furniture industry, a degree in Interior Design and a minor in Industrial Design, Steph’s clients enjoy her energetic character and unwavering enthusiasm for all areas of design.

Steph layers her clients brief with the latest trends and a high level of functionality to arrive at a result that her clients can be thrilled with.

Space planning is key. Steph knows that once the space works, the whole design will fall into place. Then she can get creative with the finishes, “I love to merge textures to create a look that is sophisticated and unexpected”

When her hand isn’t attached to a pencil, she enjoys art, travel and great food with great company.


  • 2017 Winner KBDi Designer Small Bathroom VIC
  • 2017 Winner KBDi Designer Small Kitchens VIC
  • 2016 KBDi Finalist - Large Bathroom


  • 2 years Drafting experience in Kitchens and Bathrooms
  • Experience in Furniture design
  • Experience in Interior Decorating


  • Bachelor of Design (Interior Design) (Minor Industrial Design)

Alan Nasrallah

Bathroom + Kitchen Designer

Alan is a passionate, creative and vibrant designer, who takes inspiration from his European family of artists and designers.

He understands the pressures and stresses of renovating, from his own personal experiences of flipping houses, in his spare time.  This compassion and enthusiasm means clients trust him and immediately warm to him, often referring him to their friends and family after seeing what he can bring to life for them.

Alan is well-known for walking in to a room and having an immediate vision – he gets genuine excitement from helping people transform their space.

He recognises that we all have different tastes and needs and understands that he is not just entering a client’s house, but their home. He listens to his clients wants and needs and offers honest feedback and advice, based on his in-depth knowledge of design.

His qualifications in Interior Design means that he can combine high-level function/usability with beauty, to ensure that clients end up with a finished product that they not only love, but that is timeless and that adds value to their home.

Alan takes time to plan spaces carefully, not rushing clients and working closely with the drafting and building teams. He has a keen eye for detail and extensive technical knowledge, ensures clients spaces perfectly come to life.

In his spare time – Alan loves to keep up to date with the latest design trends, as he continues to renovate and flip his own properties. In between this, he enjoys visiting art exhibitions, keeping fit by cycling and going to the gym, and travelling the world.


  • Experience in Project Management
  • Colour and tile selection advice


  • Interior Decoration and Design Degree - RMIT

Alexa Beer

Bathroom + Kitchen Designer

As soon as you meet Alexa you are enamoured with her larger than life personality. Swept up in a wave of positive vibes she sees the potential in every client’s space and specialises in delivering a new space with a fresh approach.

Taking the time to listen to the client’s requirements and meticulously writing that down prior to starting the design is one of her trademarks, making sure all bases are covered.

She says: “ No two briefs are the same – which I love!”

A background in cabinetry specification has served her well. She brings attention to detail as well as a creative flair to the role.

Alexa enjoys good food, baking, live music, and not content with renovating at work, she also is in the process of completely renovating her own place.



  • 2017 Winner KBDi Designer Medium Kitchens VIC
  • 2017 Winner KBDi Kitchen Designer of the Year VIC
  • 2017 National Winner KBDi First Time Entrance AUS


  • 5 years’ experience in the industry – specialising in kitchen and cabinetry design
  • Colour and tile selection advice


  • Diploma in Interior Design

Russell Henderson

Bathroom + Kitchen Designer

Heralding from a building family, Russell, has been designing his “dream homes” since a young age. Working with smarterBATHROOMS+ since their formative years, Russell has designed hundreds of projects for happy clients. The thrill of “problem solving” spaces for home ownerswhere he gets the most enjoyment out of his work.

“I would say that I am a ‘function drives form’ kind of designer, but in no way do I see that this must limit aesthetic appeal. It should, as nature readily shows us, deliver a total package.  The ideal outcome should be at once beautiful but also appear as if to be….obvious.”

Having had a brief hiatus in South East Asia, Russell has returned to the smarterBATHROOMS+ team with new ideas and refreshed perspective on the rooms that make or break a home.


  • 2011 HIA - Runner up Kitchen Design up to $25,000
  • 2010 HIA – Runner up Bathroom Design over $40,000
  • 2009 HIA – Winner Laundry of the year
  • 2008 HIA – Winner Bathroom Design up to $25,000


  • Design of over 1,900 projects
  • Colour and tile selection advice


  • Bachelor of Business

Hettel Patel

Bathroom + Kitchen Detailer

With a high attention for detail Hettel enjoys working with the design, drafting and build teams over a broad spectrum of projects and watching design details come to life.

Having over 7 years experience in the design industry and a technical background in cabinetry Hettel has found her knowledge assists in creating unique and functional designs for every client.

Listening and taking note of each client’s requirements at the start of the project helps in specifying and selecting the finer details required of each individual job. Often the smallest details are the ones that make a project, and these are the details the Hettel thrives on including.

In her spare time Hettel has a passion for art, sports, travel, cooking and catching up with friends.


  • 7+ years experience in the Kitchen + Bathroom Design Industry
  • Colour & Tile Selection


  • Bachelor of Design (Interior Design)

John Buckingham

Operations Manager

John is a registered builder, with an unparalleled level of knowledge in design, product and building techniques.

He is also highly skilled in project scheduling and ensuring works run smoothly and efficiently. His incredible knowledge, commitment and enthusiasm benefits all of those who work with him.

In his spare time, John enjoys sailing, cycling and renovating his own projects.


  • 20+ years’ experience in kitchens and bathrooms
  • Worked internationally


  • Registered Builder

Aidan Wilson

Construction Manager

Aidan is driven, passionate and meticulous with quality and detail especially, to ensure the projects he over sees go smoothly from start to finish whilst ensuring the build is of the highest quality with happy clients throughout the entire build process.

Being in the cabinetry and building industry for 18+ years, has made Aidan very knowledgeable in all aspects of the renovation process.

Working with and organising trades, problem solving and attention to detail are Aidan’s best qualities.

He loves helping clients create beautiful new spaces with countless extra benefits and seeing the “look” on the client’s face for the first time seeing the design come to life.

In his spare time he loves to spend time with his 2 little girls and wife, watching sport, and motor sports.


  • 18+ Years’ experience in the building trade


  • Qualified cabinet maker

Kate Jukes

Site Supervisor

Kate is an insightful, fun and caring member of the smarterBATHROOMS+ team. Making the switch from a music performance back ground to carpentry Kate brings with her a plethora of knowledge from running her own successful building company for many years.

She likes to work closely with her clients ensuring their renovation dreams become reality in a fun and timely manner. Kate’s calming, approachable nature means she always has a great connection with her clients, often remain close friends long after a renovation project has been completed.

When Kate isn’t bush walking or camping in her spare time you will find here completing a holistic restoration of a 1850’s stone, wattle and daub minor cottage and property in Daylesford.


  • Apprentice of the year - Boxhill Tafe


  • 10+ years carpentry experience


  • Diploma in Building and Construction
  • Building management

Awards + accreditations

smarterBATHROOMS+KITCHENS works hard to please our clients and we are proud of our work. We enter showcase work into awards to see how we fair against other designers, architects and builders.

The leading bodies that represent our industry are HIA (Housing Industry Association) and KBDI (Kitchen and Bathroom Design Institute). Both are reputable organisations dedicated to raising the standard of the building and design industry.

Some of our achievements:


  • Winner   KBDi   Designer Small Bathroom VIC
  • Winner   KBDi   Designer Large Bathroom VIC
  • Winner   KBDi   Designer Small Kitchens VIC
  • Winner   KBDi   Designer Medium Kitchens VIC
  • Winner   KBDi   Designer Large Kitchens VIC
  • Winner   KBDi   Kitchen Designer of the Year VIC
  • Winner   KBDi   Bathroom Designer of the Year VIC
  • Winner   KBDI   First Time Entrance Australia
  • Winner   KBDI   Bathroom Designer of the Year Australia


  • Finalist   KBDi   Medium Kitchen Design of the Year
  • Finalist   KBDi   Large Bathroom Design of the Year
  • Winner   HIA   Laundry Renovation of the Year
  • Runner up   HIA   Large Bathroom Renovation of the year
  • Runner up   HIA   Medium Bathroom Renovation of the year
  • Winner   HIA   Bathroom of the year + New Bathroom
  • Runner up   HIA   Large Kitchen Renovation of the year
  • Runner up   HIA   Larger New Kitchen of the year
  • Runner up   HIA   Medium New Kitchen of the year
  • Finalist   HIA   Medium Bathroom Renovation of the year
  • Finalist   HIA   Large Kitchen Renovation of the year
  • Finalist   HIA   Medium Kitchen Renovation of the year


  • Winner   HIA   Large Bathroom of the Year
  • Winner   HIA   Large Kitchen of the Year
  • Runner up   HIA   Medium Bathroom of the Year
  • Winner   KBDI   Large Bathroom – VIC
  • Winner   KBDI   Bathroom Designer of the Year – VIC
  • Runner up   KBDI   Large Kitchen of the Year


  • Finalist   KBDI   Small Bathroom of the Year VIC


  • Winner   HIA   Overall Bathroom of the Year – VIC
  • Winner   HIA   Renovated Bathroom over $60,000
  • Winner   HIA   Renovated Bathroom $60,000
  • Winner   HIA   Renovated Kitchen over $60,000
  • Winner   HIA   New Kitchen over $45,000
  • Runner up   HIA   Renovated Kitchen up to $40,000
  • Runner up   KBDI   Small Bathrooms VIC
  • Finalist   KBDI   Student of the Year
  • Finalist   KBDI   Small Kitchens VIC
  • Finalist   KBDI   Medium Kitchens VIC
  • Finalist   KBDI   Small Bathrooms VIC


  • Runner Up   HIA   Renovated Bathrooms over $40,000
  • Runner Up   KBDI   Small Bathrooms VIC
  • Finalist   KBDI   Large Bathrooms VIC

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