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Transforming the Ensuite into a Tranquil Sanctuary

The decision to renovate stemmed from the outdated and out-of-place feel of the existing bathrooms, especially after the recent renovation of the downstairs area. The goal was to harmonize the Ensuite with the rest of the house’s modern aesthetic.

The objective was clear: to transform the existing Ensuite into a sanctuary of tranquility while incorporating smart storage solutions for a clean, streamlined, and elegant aesthetic.

Key Design Elements:

Curved Wall Design: Eliminating the angled wall and introducing a curved alternative to create a softer, more inviting space.

Muted Color Palette: Implementing a calming, muted color scheme to enhance the serene atmosphere.

Smart Storage Solutions: Concealing essentials like the bin to maintain a clutter-free environment.

Textured Minimalism: Achieving a minimalist look through a layered approach with various textures.

Curved Mirrored Cabinet: Reflecting the curvature of the wall with a custom curved mirrored cabinet for continuity and elegance.

Curved Wall and Tile Calculation: One of the significant challenges was calculating the diameter of the curved wall in relation to the size of the subway tiles. The goal was to ensure a seamless appearance without thick grout lines, maintaining the design’s sleekness.

By aligning the Ensuite with the home’s contemporary style, the project aimed to create a space that not only met but exceeded the client’s expectations. The result is a true sanctuary within their home, a tranquil and elegant retreat.

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